What is Third-Party Background Verification and How to Choose One?


A third party refers to any external agency that is hired so as to perform something for an organization.

It is the ideal way to go about checking one’s credentials as the employers or the Human Resource Executives of any firm do not possess the knowhow of dealing with the nitty gritties of background verification. Moreover, the amount of time and energy that goes into the entire procedure of background screening gets reduced considerably if the work is outsourced. The turnaround time for such checks is two to three days and a complete report gets generated for the employer to go through.

In background verification, the academic recordscriminal historiescredit score are checked along with some other credentials that the client may want checked. In order to avoid negligent hiring, all firms should conduct a thorough background check of all those people they onboard into their organization. All employers must understand that background verification entails more than just surfing content on Google or going over one’s documents. It is easy to misrepresent oneself so as to secure a job in the marketplace. Once the deed is done, there is no looking back.

Third party vendors work together with the police, the courts, government agencies, data providers as this facilitates gleaning the exact amount of information that is needed. These companies have a professional demeanor and also assist a firm in secure handling of their data. They store every data about the employees in a repository so that it can be easily accessed by the owners whenever a discrepancy arises.

Selecting the right third-party vendor for background verification is a pressing priority as we face the problem of plenty. Given below are some pointers that one must be mindful of when seeking a third-party background verification vendor:

  • An ideal background check company will update one with the policy reforms, legislations and other changes that may come into effect.
  • A firm that offers end-to-end background verification services and has a proprietary infrastructure set up especially for the purpose of background screening can be completely trusted. They complete the tasks before them sooner than any laymen will be able to.
  • A vendor who caters to each and every requirement should be sought as the needs of any firm will also keep evolving. Any background verification company that is flexible enough to adapt to those ever-altering needs would be the right fit.
  • Third-party vendors have their own proprietary databases of blacklisted universities; HR firms updated contact details which reduce the turnaround time. The Human Resource Executives keep changing with time and the updated contact details will not be in sync with the ones that the current candidates provide. An HR ‘s energies cannot be frittered on these things.
  • Pre-employment and post-employment screening are both equally crucial so that any loopholes that may have been initially overlooked, can get reflected. Always opt for a firm that engages in complete background verification.
  • An ideal firm will never compromise on the privacy of data. Vendors need to be able to manage compliance with the applicable data privacy laws of the country.
  • Background verification third-party agencies have automated many tasks that were previously been done manually such as identity check which is not done through the use of API calls, address checks which can be done remotely through an advanced geo-location and kyc solution, education verification through NAD’s database in cases involving young millennials and Gen Z hires
  • Background Verification agencies study the modes of fraud used by job applicants and are several steps ahead of fraudsters
  • Using avant-garde technologies to screen a candidate’s past unearths revelations about them in the shortest amount of time possible. Companies who need to get the backgrounds of applicants checked must make use of the latest technologies so as to avoid hassles like delayed results and loopholes in the verification procedure.

Such firms can even offer consultation services to HR Heads and startup founders to include certain critical clauses relating to non-compete, non-disclosure in their employment contracts. These will help enable them to be on the right side of the law and also safeguard them from employees who make an abrupt exit or share proprietary information of the company with others.
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