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Understanding Employee Background Verification

Employee Background Verification is the comprehensive check of an individual’s personal, professional, and educational background prior to employment. This includes inspecting criminal records, employment and educational history, credit records, and other relevant information to assess the candidate’s suitability and integrity for the position.


Newly established businesses who are seeking product market fit and need to hire competent and trustworthy team members. Also, more mature startups such as Meesho, PharmEasy and Nykaa.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises In India there are about 63.05 million micro industries, 0.33 million small, and about 5,000 medium enterprises. Examples include Oilmax Systems Private Ltd, Assam Carbon Products Ltd


For-profit business or company. Some forms of which are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company. Examples- Apple, Amazon, Mahindra.

Government Sector

Government-run companies like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Exim Bank and so forth.

Available Services

Identity Check​

Government-issued ID verified from the issuing authority. Either Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID or Driver License.

Address Visit (Physical)

In-person verification of candidate's current or permanent address by Millow's verification officer.

Address (Remote)

Digital address check via geo-location & IP address capture.

Court Record (Criminal)

Bar council attorney-stamped report. Premium database search includes cases from supreme to district level courts .


Degree or marksheet verification directly from university/college or National Academic Depository (NAD).


Verification of employment, designation, tenure, CTC etc. from the previous employer's HR dept.

Drug Test

Individuals undergo testing for illegal substances as part of an employment screening or compliance procedure

15+ More
Checks available.

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Streamlined Background Verification Solutions for Diverse Industries

Working with clients from multi-faceted sectors such as Information Technology, BFSI, Hospitality, Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) and many others has familiarized us with the pattern of fraud mitigation. We offer an a la carte pricing system for start-ups and package pricing/ volume-based pricing for larger firms.
We provide API integrated facilities and reduce the turnaround time so that you are able to onboard ideal candidates of your choice.
Our platforms enable Human Resource Executives to collect employer details and documents directly onto Millow’s proprietary portal. We then provide a dedicated dashboard to the Human Resource teams for complete visibility regarding the verification status of the candidate.
As a market leader among background verification companies, Millow has also integrated its background screening product with various HRMS/HCM and ERP software providers so that candidate data transfer is seamless and quick.

Your company’s hiring strategy can make or break your business. The very first step required to make your hiring strategy a great success is to implement a comprehensive and efficient employee background check program offered by a reliable background screening provider. At Millow, we provide top-notch employee background check services to companies of all sizes – whether it’s a global enterprise, a mid-sized company, or a start-up. Our smart and on-demand background check services play a critical role in vetting the best talent pool for your business. Types of employee background checks include criminal, credit, and employment history. We also consider public information such as court records, sex offenders, or information from the internet and social media.

Why Does Top-Tier Management Need Meticulous Employee Background Screening?

Top level management defines the strategy of a business in general. Regardless of how successful your company is, you need to consider several factors before hiring top managers and board members. The best and easiest way to determine the suitability of executive level candidates is to conduct a detailed background check. Our corporate level employee background check programs are tailored to include various employee screening tactics that help uncover the real information about each employee.
Because top-level managers, board members, and executives have direct access to a company’s assets, it is critical to conduct background checks on candidates selected for employment. At Millow, our intelligent and skilled investigators conduct thorough and rigorous employee background checks to help companies hire the most viable candidates who possess values and ethics that fit well with your company culture and environment.
Since our inception, we have been recognized as one of the most reputable background screening companies in India. At Millow, we have integrated futuristic technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver reliable and cost-effective employee background checks that enable companies to offer employment to applicants without worrying about their behavior and skills. Our employee background check solutions include smart and innovative screening tools and technologies required for flawless background screening.

How Our Employee Background Verification System Works?

With an experienced team of investigators and a world-class infrastructure, we conduct a comprehensive background check on each potential applicant and produce a thorough report that helps companies make better hiring decisions. From past criminal records to the credibility of academic and professional qualifications, we review every little detail of each candidate.
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