Things you must check before hiring a domestic helper?

Choosing a domestic helper for your home is no easy task. There are countless responsibilities associated with running a household. Domestic helpers can improve your lifestyle in several ways, including cleaning bathrooms and caring for your children. We’re all concerned about the increasing rate of crime in today’s society. So, it is significant to protect our homes and surroundings. The most common way people hire domestic helpers is by word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family members. Even your neighbors might be able to suggest a qualified housekeeper. However, employing just relying on a referral may not be a wise move in the modern world. Most homeowners give careful thought to safety problems before employing house assistance. Finding the right support is becoming more and more of a popular decision thanks to domestic background verification firms.
A trustworthy household helper is indeed a gift from God. However, you still have to go through the procedure of looking for assistance. Fortunately, hassle-free services are now available on several background companies. You will be able to unwind and really enjoy life if you have a reliable housekeeper. House helpers have been reported to have murdered their bosses or abused the children under their care in recent years. It can be quite intimidating to bring a stranger into your home. Before allowing a stranger into your home and handling your children, here are a few things you can’t ignore.

What Checks do you need to do before hiring a domestic helper?

Take a quiz or ask salient questions to the person

Don’t let the urgency to hire a maid or replace one cause you to overlook the requirement to interview potential house help. You can get all the information you need if you tease them, make them feel welcome, and make them feel comfortable. Ask about their pay expectations and former salaries, as well as if they have ever been arrested or imprisoned. Yes, compensation expectations are necessary to prevent resentment and conflict. Request detailed information, such as identity documents and police-verified documentation. The actual residential address is something you need to be aware of.

Background check

If you hire domestic help, ensure that they have a good background check. Register the person at the local police station after verifying his/her identity documents such as AADHAAR, Voter ID, etc. Make sure your family’s safety is ensured by checking his/her previous criminal records. Don’t rush into making an offer until you have checked the maid’s background and have all the information you need. Try to find out as much as can about your former employer, contact them if you can, and satisfy your curiosity about them.

Use a reliable background verification check

You can outsource background check to a third-party agency that conducts these screenings professionally. A reliable background verification company conducts thorough background checks on all domestic workers, and hiring a domestic worker from them is beneficial. They conduct a comprehensive criminal background check to help you know if the domestic worker has any bad history. Nonetheless, make sure you ask for a report on the person and an ID and criminal background check before you hire them. These agencies are the only ones that are capable of preparing an accurate report about an applicant since they rely on automated technology, skilled verification officers, and proprietary platforms. Identification check, address check, criminal records check, police check and reference check are all effectively performed by reliable background checks.

Must undergo a medical examination

Without doing this, you should never let them sleep in your house. There can be no compromise on a thorough medical examination. HIV (I and II), TB, Hepatitis B and C, and a pregnancy test are all required to be included in the test.

Personality and language

You must have a positive image of the helper after your initial encounter. A friendly, upbeat person is always appreciated. A further key component is a language. Their interaction with your children makes it crucial to ensure that they speak politely and have a friendly attitude.

Verify social media accounts

Make sure your social media profiles are verified. Social media frequently offers deep insight into a person’s thoughts, behaviour, and habits, as well as their family history and a sizable quantity of history. This information can be helpful in your investigation.


Get contactable references as soon as possible. It is significant to consult with former employers about the types of domestic workers, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reasons for leaving their previous employment. It can also provide insight into whether the person you will hire is trustworthy. You should also request his/her personal references who would be able to be contacted in case of emergency. Keep all employee records and information secure and out of the employee’s reach.