Tenant Verification in Delhi

At Millow, we facilitate unique and robust verification processes for your tenants. Are you leasing or renting your home to a tenant, and worried about what kind of individuals they may be? Stop being anxious! We are here to help you out through our solid and robust background checks. It is a mandatory norm that a candidate must pass our background check as part of the tenant screening process for safeguarding your properties. Securing your house from fraudsters and tricksters are our specialty with which you can absolutely have the peace of mind you crave for.

Millow – Tenant Verification Company in Delhi

It is highly recommended that before renting out your home, house, villa, or apartment, there a few things and norms that you should take care of. Tenant verification is a significant step that ensures the safety of your property. At Millow, a reputed tenant verification company in Delhi, we put your interests in front of ours! It is absolutely necessary for you to do tenant verification, which guarantees the authenticity of people you rent or lease your property to. Our background check ensures that you don’t end up leasing/renting your property to criminals/offenders.

Is It Mandatory to do Tenant Verification?

There are lots of reasons for you to consider doing tenant verification before renting over your property for strangers to live in. Delhi is a busy city, which warrants background check for tenants looking to rent your place for their living purposes.
The tenant verification help check any criminal records about the concerned individual or their family. Through us at Millow, the property owners perform the desired background check; thereby knowing more about the historical actions of their potential tenants. This comprehensive checking thwarts and prevents any & all unauthorized transactions. The tenant verification helps tenants to stay away from shady property owners as well. Our background checks illuminates the status of authority that the property owners claim to have over their property.
At Millow, our background checks and security screening of tenants for proper verification helps in reducing unlawful activities. Both property-owners and tenants become mindful of the involvement of police in securing the property, which is a guarantee of nullifying any or all illegal activities that are relevant to the context.
The screening helps in tracking foreign identification as well. For instance, during the background screening check by the Delhi police along with our expert officials from Millow, we delve deep into the past of your potential tenants. It helps the property owners to know if their potential tenants belong to India or any other country, and the ways by which they used to live and survive. Some people are shady customers who take advantage of the property owners financially or otherwise, which should be known to all parties involved. The tenant verification process ensures safety of premises.
All the aforementioned reasons justify the need of a mandatory tenant verification process, which makes the whole process legal, safe, and secure for all.

Tenant Verification Online

With us at Millow, you can apply for our tenant verification services online. Our security team teams up with your local police authorities in Delhi, to perform the background check and a detailed verification for your tenants. Certain steps get followed for this process of online tenant verification. Contact us online and state your requirements by filling out details about your property type such as a house, villa, or apartment. Our team contacts you back with the services we provide and the ways that are beneficial to you and your property/properties. The list of documents needed include your proof of identity, proof of address, proof of ownership, electricity & water bills, and the rent agreement. Certain things need to be remembered when renting a property. These include exploring your options; making rules or mandates that is fair to your potential tenants, and performing an ownership check before renting or leasing your property out. Check for tenants who comply with your financial requirements, provide correct information about anything regarding staying at this property peacefully.

What is Tenant Verification Form?

It is a form that complies with the requirements of both the property owner and the potential tenant. Once you contact us, we get in touch with the Delhi Police department and get the form for tenant verification. It is available at the Citizen Services section. You are required to fill out the form correctly and attach all the necessary documents as mentioned before. We double check the form online and submit it for the background check. Once we go through the process, you will be given the right advice about the property owners as well as the tenants to the relevant parties.
We, helps you connect with a worthy tenant or property owner anywhere in Delhi.