Are you aware of how crucial verification is in general? Each and every aspect of our lives needs to be validated and verified so that we know how authentic it is. From the edibles that we consume to the apparel that we set our eyes upon, everything needs to be screened before consumption lest we may end up being victims of fraudulent schemes.
In a similar manner, verification of one’s self is also a prerequisite these days. Prior to applying for jobs, one must get their profiles verified.

Embellished resumes are so commonplace nowadays that it doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore. A couple of years ago, IT giant, Satyam Computers had terminated at least close to 500 employees as they had misrepresented themselves during being hired. A lot of IT bigwigs like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant have faced similar predicaments and sacked several employees. The question that makes us mull over is how such employees even get hired in the first place. It’s quite simple to befool recruiters into getting hired in the contemporary times. Embellishing one’s CV which refers to exaggerating facts about oneself so as to lend a pompous self-image is done by 7 out of 10 applicants as per a study conducted by Zippia.
Let us shed some light on the common red flags that you must always be on the lookout for

  • Unaddressed gaps in a resume
  • A sloppy resume infested with grammatical errors
  • Continual job hopping
  • Inclusion of extra unimpressive skills

Lying about their academic backgrounds, previous job experience, past remuneration, skill sets; most of these individuals end up bagging the jobs they had applied for. Recruiters and the HR managers of any firm must think twice before they take in someone at face value. Negligent hiring could cost their company millions of dollars in the long run. In Delhi, a manager decided to scan the CVs of 30 individuals who had claimed to have worked for a particular firm under the same employer. He found something fishy and decided to visit the locale mentioned on the CVs. What ensued post that left him utterly dumbfounded. The owner turned out to be someone who owned a dilapidated mobile repair shop and was misrepresenting himself as the supposed HR manager of some fictitious IT firm. In exchange for cash, he would answer verification calls that were made to him.

Background screening and that too profile verification of candidates applying for job roles was a pretty nascent concept in India but its relevance has always remained high. A technology-enabled background screening company like Millow that does the work of filtering out undesirable candidates at the very beginning has always been an imperative. The consequences of admitting phony candidates into an organization could be several- bad repute of the firm, negative impact on customer service, reduced levels of productivity, monetary losses to the firm to name a few.

If you choose to apply outside of the country for a job, you too will need to get your profile verified. A thorough background verification report will help you get there. The turnaround time for these is usually 3-4 days where your current residential addressprevious employment recordseducational background verificationnarcotics testcriminal record verification and the like are looked into. Once you pass these with flying colours, you can attach your certificate along with your resume and then apply for jobs. This will ensure that you are not fraudulent by any means. You will gain an extra edge over the other applicants as well.

Utilizing the services of a bankable employee background verification company will help streamline the entire process of profile verification. A seasoned company which makes use of state of the art technology will take care of even the tiniest of aspects. A complete picture of who the applicant really is will be provided to you and you can then take a call with regard to hiring instead of rushing into it.

Millow is India’s leading background check/screening company. We use our proprietary technology and stringent processes to deliver BGV reports to you in the shortest possible time. If you need your employees, vendors, business partners, loan applicants or resume/profile verified for you, contact us at:
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