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Millow is a technology-enabled background verification company in Mumbai that uses advanced technology and intelligent collection methods to check the background of new employees, tenants, domestic helpers, etc., so that individuals and businesses can work only with reliable and qualified people. When companies hire new employees without background checks, they are exposed to numerous risks. In order to work successfully, many companies in Mumbai hire reputed background check companies to minimize their risk.

“I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person”– Jeff Bezos (Founder and CEO of the multinational technology company Amazon).

We are one of the best background verification companies in Indiaspecializing in providing all-inclusive and fully-managed background check services.
Millow conducts a comprehensive background check for its clients. Background Verification is often conducted according to best practices. We enable you to make smart hiring decisions with confidence. Mumbai is a job magnet and companies are hiring huge amounts of employees there. This involves a massive monetary and time investment. When recruiting new employees, many companies obtain background check reports from agencies to ensure that candidates are truly qualified and a safe hire. With every new hire, companies usually invest time, money, training as well as resources. Millow is one of the most trusted Background verification companies in Mumbai offering end-to-end services through our proprietary BGV platform. Millow can cater to a client’s client’s unique requirements and we can customize our offerings

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Importance of Background Verification

Background checks are conducted by employers to verify the background or criminal history of their candidates during the hiring process. Estimates show that nearly 40% of the resumes submitted by candidates contain incorrect or falsified information. Therefore, many companies in Bangalore conduct background checks on their potential candidates.

Why Choose Millow as your partner for background checks?

  1. Quick and easy process to apply for background checks.
  2. Well-tailored background check packages that are suitable for any industry
  3. Customer focused philosophy
  4. Reliable and trustworthy background check reports
  5. Fastest turnaround time
  6. Perfect suitability for screening high profile candidates
  7. Affordable and customized background verification packages
  8. Intelligent background check professionals having many years of experience in the Background Check Service sector
  9. Leverage the best of ultra-modern digital technologies
  10. Highest data security protocols

From Background Verification you will find a wealth of information that will help you make wise decisions. We provide simple yet effective, fast and affordable background check services for several reputed companies in Bangalore. Availing Background Verification Services from Millow will get you first-hand information that is accurate, precise, and timely for making smart decisions.

Basically most of the background verification companies in Bangalore offer background check services like Documents Verification, Employment Verification, Address Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Mark-sheet Verification, Drug check, Credit check, Social Media check, Global Watch-list check, Economic default check, etc. Millow provides services to corporate, government and b2c clients. We also equip our clients with a wealth of information about the target person for decision support. Millow stands first among the top rated and reliable background verification companies in Bangalore. The company aims to curb easily preventable fraud for businesses of all sizes and also for the most vulnerable segments of the society.


Modern Background Verification in Mumbai

Employee background checks are essential because criminals are usually deceptive. For example, a criminal background check can reveal their true identity. A standard Background Verification requires a person’s name, ID and documents. Millow, India’s most trusted background screening company, accesses all relevant sources, public or private, to create an easy-to-read and color-coordinated bgv report on the applicant. We cover the following areas:


Employment history

Millow checks the previous companies that employed the applicant to validate their information and decipher any integrity issues. In addition, employment Background checks verify the candidate’s true work history.

Identity verification

We confirm that the applicant has presented authentic IDs issued by the Government of India and use our document verification process. This background verification process also verifies that the applicant has a legal right to work in the country.

Criminal history

Background Verification often involves investigating whether the applicant has a criminal record, has been convicted of a crime, or has outstanding warrants on the government’s registry or watch list.

Education background

Reviewing an applicant’s degree or credentials is critical to deciphering whether the candidate has the skills to perform and accomplish the duties of the job. A thorough marksheet verification is required.

Government-issued licenses

We check to see if the applicant has a government licence for the job. This type of background checkis done when you are hiring for a role that requires a government issued ID.

Credit check

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, hosts companies that require credit checks on their applicants to know if the applicant is financially responsible. This is crucial if the employee will have access to company funds or is expected to manage a budget.

Global Database Check

Senior management hires must undergo a thorough background check. The candidate may have lived abroad. A global database check of a candidate uncovers evidence of inclusion on terrorist watch lists, sanctions lists, etc.

Social Media Check

We spend most of our waking hours interacting with people online. In an increasingly remote world, it’s difficult to gauge a new hire’s character from the start. A person’s online reputation can be a critical hiring factor.

Why Choose Millow for Background Checks in Mumbai?

Millow, Mumbai’s trusted background verification company know who the real person is through background checks. A pre-employment background check ensures that the candidate has no unscrupulous past and is honest. Companies in Mumbai often extend a standard report by contacting personal references and previous employers of candidates, but their processes lack the rigor of a professional background checker. We conduct in-depth background checks to verify that the candidate is qualified. Some people in Mumbai unfortunately gloss over their education or work history when looking for a job. Therefore, some employers in Mumbai end up hiring an unqualified candidate. To ensure quality hiring, companies in Mumbai hire us for trustworthy and comprehensive Background Verification services.

If you are an employer and want to get a Background Verification done by the verification experts in Bangalore, then you have come to the right place. We are one of the best Background Verification Companies in Bangalore/Bengaluru offering various levels of verification services from Basic Level to Detailed Level. Contact us!
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