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Background checks are a top priority for many companies in Kolkata. Millow, one of the leading background verification companies in Kolkata, conducts criminal record checks, social media checks, education checks, drug checks, address checks, identity checks, past employment checks, database checks, and credit checks for employers. Background check refers to an investigative process conducted to verify an individual’s employment and personal history. A background check can confirm or disprove a person’s identity and character. Depending on the situation and the individual, a typical background check may include civil records, references, criminal records, education, as well as employment history. Whether you are making a new investment, hiring a new employee, or looking for a driver, a background check can ensure the safety of everyone involved. We often customize our services to meet your needs.

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Why Conduct a Background Verification?

In today’s professional world, the need for reliable, competent, and professional workers is greater than ever. Millow assists various organizations in hiring competent and highly reliable professionals for all types of work areas by conducting a thorough background check. The competency of top talent is crucial to the success of an organization, a company and an industry. As one of the established and reputed background verification companies in Kolkata, Millow primarily works on background assessment of employees of clients and assists them in conducting background investigations. Background checks are usually conducted before making an investment, hiring a new employee, selecting a civil servant, taking on a new tenant, hiring a driver or partner verification before marriage.

When hiring a person for your business, it is essential to check past employment history, educational qualifications, criminal records, civil records, and references. A proper background check can help you make the right decision for your business. Take a look at our background verification services.

How to Conduct a Background Check?

Nowadays, there are automated background check options available over the Internet. However, this information may be incomplete or inaccurate. Every record or piece of information, whether found via the Internet or another source, must be checked for validity. As experienced background check experts, we can provide accurate and detailed information about an individual. We also make sure that the information is accurate. Some limitations or problems associated with online background checks include the inaccuracy of the information. In addition, the information available online may not be current. Also, not all records are available online and the validity of the record found online has yet to be verified. As one of the top background verification companies in Kolkata, Millow has thorough knowledge and specialization in background check processes. Our BGV services will help you detect fraud and reduce the risk of internal fraud.


Working with a Background Verification Company or an Investigator
One of the best ways to ensure that the information you receive is accurate is to work with an investigator. In addition, an investigator will give you further insight into a person’s character through interviews for background checks. Usually, both the professional and personal history of the person are investigated. Some information that can make the background investigation a faster process is date and place of birth, full name with middle initials, previous employers, schools attended, and degrees awarded.

A background check is an important service these days. Especially when it comes to starting a new relationship with someone, a background check is very important. As pioneers in the field of employment background checks, we at Millow conduct effective and efficient background checks to reduce theft, violence and fraud in the workplace, thus helping to create a safe working environment. Background Verification Services in Kolkata is useful for personal investigations as well as corporate investigations of any size. We provide accurate details about the temperament, social reputation and job profile of your applicants. A background check usually consists of an educational as well as thorough work history verification. Some verification processes also involve a drug test and a criminal check. A background check would simply increase the chances of attracting potential candidates.

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