The entire manner, in which businesses operate, is evolving. Ever since the pandemic struck, most of us have been confined to the spaces of our homes. Hiring has also changed as most employees/recruits are being onboarded into companies virtually. The gig economy which mainly consists of freelancers and blue-collared workers such as food delivery executives, drivers who work for mobility apps such as Uber, freelance digital artists, content writers, web developers and the like, is gradually gaining momentum. Most of them are interviewed virtually and then hired. That’s why gig worker verification is so important.

Most individuals who belong to the Generation Z category are looking for jobs that allow them the flexibility to work and develop their own business plans simultaneously. Gone are the days when people would invest their entire time and energies into developing a small amount of skillsets to last them a lifetime. Most individuals are upskilling themselves so that they can remain relevant in the era of automation.

The right gig or contract worker can only be hired when the proper background verification company is resorted to. Authentic firms that do the work of fraud mitigation are adept at what they do since they possess the cutting-edge technologies that are deployed in background screenings. In order to stay abreast of contemporary times, one must also update one’s policies. The Human Resource Executives are limited in their skill sets as their primary work does not include conducting background checks on people. They are already over-burdened and so, one must not expect them to carry out something that they are not trained in.

A leading platform company that provides beauty and home services was recently in controversy over hiring freelance beauticians who had a criminal track record. Three of them had fled with expensive designer wear of a client they had been servicing. The client had called some of them over to her place as she needed to get ready for her cousin’s engagement. The service was prepaid and after they left, she discovered that some of her clothes as well as certain wedding souvenir were missing. After she checked her CCTV footage, she was completely certain of who was behind the entire heist.

Many such cases of app cab drivers have been lodged. Some of them turn out to be extremely uncouth and unprofessional. Few have even committed serious crimes against women riders in almost all the cities. All of this could be easily averted if a background check is conducted on each of them before they are hired by any company.

A trustworthy and compliant background verification firm like Millow looks into several aspects of an individual before generating a clean or tainted report. Usually, past employmentreferencescriminal/court record historieseducational credentialscredit scoresaddress verification, and social media checks are carried out. The turnaround time for a complete background check on someone is about 5-7 days as verifying one’s criminal antecedents through investigations, getting in touch with the three levels of courts, sending letterheads to universities, going through one’s bank statement, physically verifying one’s place of stay and screening one’s social media profiles takes time. A thorough investigation is crucial so that one is completely certain of the person one is bringing to one’s firm.

One can also hold regular meetings with gig workers that one has hired and review their progress in this manner. Any firm will have to go through the entire procedure of hiring gig workers or contract workers every year and so, a thorough background check towards the very beginning eliminates any kind of stress related to onboarding. As more projects and assignments are taken up by these agencies, more is the frequency with which they hire contract workers. Establishing trust from day one sees to it that the assignments are delivered well in time and that work does not suffer. Although gig workers differ from permanent employees, their addition to an organization should only foster more creativity and productivity. They should feel like they’re an extended part of the team so that they work dedicatedly towards the projects that are assigned to them. It is equally pivotal to ensure that they are the right fit and that can only be ascertained once their background check gets completed.

Hiring individuals is not as challenging as hiring an appropriate employee who will prove to be an asset to your firm. You need to outsource the work of verifying their credentials to a trustworthy and credible background check company. These companies utilize automated platforms to generate accurate reports in the shortest amount of time possible.

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