Hiring is a practice that takes place almost every minute. In all corners of the world, someone belonging to a particular domain gets hired. All those foreign companies that hire employees from India are well aware of the compliance measures that need to be in place before the process of recruitment begins.
Taking in someone who’s from another country entails huge responsibilities and liabilities. One has to be completely certain that the person hired is right for the job so that the amount of resources , time and energy invested doesn’t go in vain. Quality is a parameter that cannot be overlooked when it comes to hiring people as such individuals represent the organization that they belong to. They become ambassadors of the firm that they work under and need to be quite conscious of how they conduct themselves. India is a country that has budding talent and untapped potential. People are talented and also quite diligent here. However, nitpicking the right talent who’s a suitable fit is the primary challenge when it comes to hiring. If fraudulent individuals infiltrate a company, there is no looking back. Nipping things at the bud sees to it that complications do not arise later. Seeking the services of a third party vendor who does the work of background checks is the only option you’ve got. There is no other alternative when it comes to this.
The checks that are conducted on such individuals are not very different from the ones that are conducted on those who hire domestically. A thorough identity checkacademic credential verificationpast employment checkCIBIL score , address Verificationcriminal record verification and a court record verification are usually stuck to.

In addition to these, a police clearance certificate is also issued. A police clearance certificate or a police character certificate states that a citizen is a bona fide individual who has a clean image and no record of any illegal activity. If the applicant was ever detained , the certificate mentions it along with the severity of the crime that was committed. There is no specific eligibility for obtaining one such certificate. A valid address proof and evidence of financial sustenance are usually seen before such certificates are issued.
A criminal history and a court record check come next. Here, criminal antecedents are looked into and if anything remotely illegal such as thefts, assaults , arson or homicide is found , the candidate is done away with. Court record checks also shed further insights into matters that may have been concealed otherwise.
Past employment verification is another important facet that’s covered. Reference checks and finding out about the work ethics of an applicant helps recruiters take the right call. Any misconduct that might have taken place always comes to light during these investigations.
In the event of a bad hire, not just your employees but your clients too will suffer. An element of unprofessionalism in a firm can result in decline in work quality, employee disengagement, and interdepartmental conflicts. Any firm cannot afford to put its own reputation at stake as this could have a significant impact on its revenue.
Recruitment through social media is also gaining a lot of momentum these days. In an era of hybrid and remote working, it is not always possible to meet someone in person and then hire them. People from all parts are considered for certain roles and a thorough scrutiny of their social media profiles may point towards certain discrepancies that are red flags for any firm. One may openly criticize a particular sector or even unabashedly brag about having committed a felony. Such people are traditionally filtered at the very outset before they enter a firm and cause further trouble. Hiring the right background verification firm to conduct screenings should be regarded as the topmost priority. The work needs to be outsourced to a company that has the expertise and experience.
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