Domestic workers background verification company in Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India and is considered the nation’s heart. People from all across India and the world flock to this thriving international metropolis. Delhi is home to several multinational companies. Due to this consistent development, people these days would like to set up their businesses in Delhi. Delhi has turned out to be one of the most sought-after places in comparison to any other place in India. A large number of Indians choose to live and work in Delhi due to these sources of income. Delhi is also considered one of the safest cities in India, which is one of the reasons why many people prefer living there. Background verification companies in Delhi in India have been primarily responsible for ensuring this safety. Typically, background verification companies check a person’s educational background, work history, identity, and employment history. However, if you’ve decided to hire a domestic worker for your home, it can be a daunting task. Technological advancements and modernization have made robberies and cheating more likely, especially in the world of individuals. Domestic workers background verification companies in Delhi utilize advanced screening methods and advanced technology to check the complete background check of domestic workers. We at Millow are one of the most trusted domestic workers’ background checking companies in Delhi. The BGV report on domestic workers can be obtained easily and quickly with our technology-driven company in Delhi/NCR. Using strict data security protocols, we conduct a rigorous and automated background check process in a short period of time to create trust in individuals. The number of crimes committed by domestic helpers and security guards in Delhi is increasing alarmingly. There has been an increase in crimes involving domestic helpers, housekeepers, and servants over the last few years. No longer do we hire servants based solely on appearance. The background check process is crucial for protecting the safety of your house and loved ones, so skipping it would be a grave mistake. Due to the large number of domestic employees who fabricate credentials and pose as candidates, background verification company in Delhi have long faced difficulties. To improve applicants’ outcomes, it is crucial to uncover any false information they may have provided. Otherwise, people might hire the incorrect candidates and do so in your home, which would cause a significant loss of time, energy, and money. The Millow domestic assistance screening service in Delhi entails a thorough background check that we carry out to learn the tiniest particulars about servants and domestic help. Before proposing someone to work with your family, we conduct criminal background checks, financial fraud checks, sex offense checks, etc.

Millow conducts Domestic background checks in the following areas:

Credential verification

A person’s identity can be determined using this. The process involves checking several identification cards, including the Aadhar card, the PAN card, and the voter’s identity card. Certain cases require the taking of fingerprints to verify the information.

Address verification

Verification of the candidate’s permanent and temporary addresses is done for future purposes. This address will be helpful if you run into any issues later on.

Education verification

People applying for jobs are required to perform an education background check to verify their qualifications Generally, the verification will attest to participation dates and degree attainment. By verifying educational qualifications, we can ensure the candidate possesses a certain qualification for the duty.

Reference check

Obtain references who can be reached as quickly as possible. The types of domestic employees, their skills and shortcomings, as well as the reasons why they left their previous employment, should all be discussed with former employers or do a Past employment verification. Use these reference checks to find out what a possible representative would seem like in their former workplace.

Social media scan

Verify the status of your social media profiles. Social media background screening typically provides an in-depth understanding of a person’s beliefs, behaviour, and habits, as well as their family background and a significant amount of history. It may save you time and money by making a strong hire over the long run if you conduct an extensive media search.

Criminal and civil history checks

A thorough criminal background check is necessary to determine if the domestic worker has any criminal history. There are numerous criminal record searches included in this background screening, such as searches of national criminal databases, local criminal courts, government criminal records, and sex offender registers. Checking the background of your prospective employee is just as essential as hiring the right person. A reliable background verification company will take on full responsibility for the investigation when you entrust them. Customers can choose from a wide range of background screening services provided by Millow. Many persons and companies in Delhi hire us for trustworthy and comprehensive domestic worker Background Verification services to ensure quality hiring. Millow offers its customers the option of personalizing their packages or ordering individual background checks.