Document Verification Service in India

Document Verification is a complex and comprehensive background screening service that helps employers and other organizations to determine the correctness of information provided by candidates. With Document verification, organizations – especially banking & non-banking and financial institutions can curb identity thefts and protect the assets and dignity of your customers. When it comes to employers, performing deep document verification helps them discover the discrepancies made by candidates related to their identity with an aim to get a job or even to cause serious security issues. Millow adopts a holistic background verification approach that is built on the latest and proven industry practices. Our team of investigators performs diligent and real-time verification of various parameters as specified by our clients across India. Some of the documents that are subjected to serious scrutiny by our intelligent officers include Aadhar card, Pan card, Voter ID, and Driving License. As a prominent Background Verification firm, we offer robust, pan-India identity verification.

An End-To-End Authentication And Verification Protects You From Potential Risks.

Official documents talk about different aspects of a person. It can be an individual’s achievements, possessions, liabilities, and many more. But in today’s world, creating a fake document or forging a document is as easy as a pie. According to Section 463 of the IPC – Indian Penal Code, Forgery can also be defined as the creation of any fake document (electronic record) that is aimed to cause any damage or to substantiate any claims with the purpose of fraud. If any individual or organization makes an embellished document for any type of gain, it is punishable under the law. But, how we verify that the documents produced by a candidate or a job applicant is original or contains misappropriations is the real question. As the cases related to forging documents are surging, it is really important to hire a special team of document verification experts to check the validity and authenticity of these documents. Millow is one of the renowned documentation verification companies dedicated to offering error-free and unwavering document verification services based on your requirements.

Employee Document Verification

With an outstanding team of investigation experts, Millow’s document verification services enable employers to find the right candidates for the job positions and speed up their recruitment process. When a candidate applies for a job, he/ she will be requested to submit some official documents that include the certificates proving their educational qualifications, professional experience, and sometimes the documents related to their training programs. After different levels of test, employers select a group of candidates based on their abilities. Some employers seek medical fitness and police clearance certificates too from the selected candidates. When employers approach Millow to help them inspect the authenticity of the documents furnished by the candidates, we assign our document specialists the task of performing fact checks on the submitted documents. As the leading documentation verification expertMillow leverages the best of modern technologies and the expertise of our team to figure out the fraudulent cases and prevent employers from hiring non-righteous candidates who can expose the workplace to various risks.

Educational Document Verification

For higher educational institutes, verifying the documents produced by the students is a crucial step in the admission process. From academic certificates to the personal credentials of the students, each and every document presented by students is subjected to inspection. By providing faultless and secure documentation services, we aim to prevent the infiltration of fraudsters into your education system. To deploy a result-oriented document screening platform, we partner with various governmental authorities across various channels. We are established on the values of integrity and reliability. We strive to offer 100% accuracy and fraud prevention.