How Do You Verify Degrees and Mark Sheets in India?


In India, the number of job seekers far outweighs the number of jobs that are present. A lot of suspicious institutes have mushroomed that offer fake educational degrees and mark sheets in exchange for wads of money.

Fudging credentials is done without any second thoughts simply because it is easy to. All academic records need to be verified in a stringent manner so that the employer can be completely certain of whoever he/ she takes in. A misrepresentation here cannot be tolerated as one’s very basis of being on boarded into an organization is one’s academic qualifications. It is the primary factor before one zeroes in on a candidate although there are other factors too like one’s criminal history, credit score, pre-employment verification among others.

Some universities in Uttar Pradesh were under the scanner for allegedly handing out counterfeit degrees to hordes of college students. It was unnerving to find out that half of the students had never seen the face of a varsity while the other half had never gotten themselves enrolled into one.

Less than a month ago, a major fake certificate racket was busted in Telangana, India. Overseas consultancy firms had been operating in Warangal, Telengana so as to provide fake certificates to the failed students. They were also luring budding engineers with attractive university packages in the US, UK, New Zealand , Canada and Australia. They were extorting money from the students in return for the placements and degrees. Out of the students conned, half of them are already in some foreign country roaming about directionless. Such scams have been on the rise for quite a few years and the conmen always devise new strategies to come up with something or the other to win people’s trust first.

It is always better to seek the services of an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified background verification company so as to ascertain the educational credentials of any potential hire. These companies are well acquainted with the procedure that needs to be adhered to when it comes to screening an individual’s academic records. They have the right leading edge technology in place to conduct thorough checks and are extremely reliable in this area. University Grants Commission (UGC) and Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) are two important bodies who are integral to educational background verification. COBSE has a laundry list of the approved varsities and educational institutes that can be further used by these background check firms in an intricate manner. Letterheads from certain universities are also pulled in for the sake of getting to the very bottom of the screening.

Just recently, the entire family of a private university group owner were arrested on charges of issuing fake degrees to the students. The university has sold close to 60,000 degrees.

Background check companies also know how to tell the difference between a genuine emblem of an academic institute and a fake one that has been superimposed.

Verifying degrees and mark sheets of every applicant who wishes to work for a company must be outsourced to a competent and certified background verification company. They use automated processes to come up with the most accurate reports. The time taken to do this is usually two to three days. Mark sheets and certificates are one of our most crucial documents as they come in use throughout our lives. As the jobs proliferate, extra caution must be exercised when screening candidate who apply for particular job roles. Falsification must be caught at the outset. Bad hires drastically reduce the productivity of a company as their qualifications, capabilities, and work ethics are not in line with what the recruiter had in mind nor the ethos of the company. Once these have been verified, the candidate can also then use the stamp of approval as a future pass for all the other organizations that he/ she applies to.

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