What is the Cost of Background Verification in India

Background Verification services have different price range depending upon the kind of background check that needs to be carried out.

For identity verification, the issuing authority is the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Identity checks vary in cost, with reduced rates offered for large volume clients.

Identity Checks include screening any individual’s Aadhar, PAN, Driver’s License. PAN is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department and the Regional Transport Authority issues the driver’s license. In Identity checks, all the valid identity documents of an applicant are screened thoroughly and then a report is prepared. The report is then shared with the employer who takes a call regarding onboarding someone into the firm. They are particularly beneficial when dealing with blue collar workers for eg. Food delivery boys, logistics staff etc. Identity check is important because it is easy to procure fake ID cards.

Residential address verifications are typically conducted in person and can vary in cost. This variation is influenced by factors such as the location, with some verifications necessitating travel to distant cities. We have field agents posted in the different cities who do the work of verifying the addresses of candidates. They physically visit the address and meet the candidate, capture pictures, geo coordinates etc. to ascertain the claimed address. Sometimes, the addresses that need to be verified are present in remote locations and so, the process takes longer. The costs for which will also go up if the locales are far away.

Academic verification is conducted by going over a person’s educational credentials and by verifying their degrees and certificates. The background verification firm who conducts this requests certain universities for verifying academic credentials on their letterheads. The universities can also stamp mark sheets, which is another way of getting verification. However, the more stringent one is on their letterheads for which they may charge an extra verification fee. It can also be done by speaking to the Registrar’s office representatives over call. Certain accredited Boards such as the University Grants Commission (UGC) or COBSE (Council of Boards for School Education in India) are considered credible when it comes to academic verification of universities or colleges. These Boards have a list of the academic institutes that come under them. Any university or educational institute that has been exempted from the list will not be deemed a credible or authentic academic institute. Any certificate that contains the stamp of such unauthentic institutions will be considered fake.

In employment verification, the Human Resource Executives change over time and the address book does not get updated. The ideal background verification companies keep updated records of every applicant. Employment verifications are priced based on the depth of investigation required, encompassing various layers. Here, the background check firm has to call up other relevant references, ascertain the integrity of the candidate, the dates of employment/tenure, salary information and reason for leaving etc. It is a thorough procedure that is completed in about 10-15 days.

For Court Record checks and Criminal History verification procedures, background check companies partner with legal firms and the police. The e-courts database is queried and a report can be generated within 48 hours and this facilitates the process of generating background check reports for fraud mitigation companies. Here, the District, Supreme as well as the High Courts are referred to for factual accuracy. Civil cases are also unearthed. This is carried out on a pan-India basis. At the end, clients receive an attorney stamped court record check report. A challenge is that the database may need to be updated and not all reported cases are fed in. Hence, a more stringent method of criminal verification is the Police Character/Clearance Certificate which involves the police stations near the addresses of the candidate’s past places of residence. This can go back 10 years or longer.

Social Media checks involve screening the social media profiles of candidates to understand their general behavioral profile. It can reveal facts about an individual that cannot be gleaned otherwise. Facts can include evidence of sexism, racism, drugs, alcohol, abuse etc.

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