How to Choose a Background Verification Company?


Many companies and their HR departments are faced with a common question “Which background verification company should we choose and why? Background verification is still a nascent industry in India and is slowly but surely growing. As more startups are born, especially the technology-enabled ones, background verification only increases in significance. ISO 27001 certified companies, particularly the ones handling their user’s sensitive data, must verify their employees to fulfill their compliance requirements. Hence, the question above is not a trivial one. Moreover, how one views background verification is equally important:

  1. Is background verification merely a checkbox and is done for the sake of compliance?
  2. Is background verification a risk mitigation process and can save a company from irrevocable reputational and monetary harm?

I argue that it is the latter. HR departments must not compromise on quality and merely choose the agency that offers the lowest price. The background verification industry has low barriers to entry, low oversight, and lack of accreditation. Hence, it is of paramount importance to choose an agency based on attributes not least authenticity, technology, and data security among the usual, TAT and price


How to choose a background verification company?

Here are 3 things you should review before deciding on your background verification partner

  1. Authenticity
  2. Technology
  3. Data Security

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each of these items

1. Authenticity

Due to low oversight, the market is flooded with less than scrupulous background check agencies. These agencies, even some big/legacy players, I must add, follow processes that rank incredibly low due to several loopholes that can be exploited by their agents, who are usually freelancers. A case in point is address verification where an agent must physically visit the candidate’s residential/permanent address to validate it. These agencies provide proof such as a picture and some remarks however, we know that in many cases it is possible for the agents to download these pictures from google images or simply ask the candidate to send them the pictures on WhatsApp. Does the verification agency have checks and balances to mitigate such incidents?

Another example is education verification in which the agency may again perform a physical visit and tell their agents to bribe a peon in the university to quickly get the marksheet/certificate stamped without having to pay the expensive university fee for verification.

HR brethren, do you really know what’s going on behind the scenes? Go with quality always!

2. Technology

We are in the age of AI/ML and blockchain. However, it does not necessarily mean that these technologies are automating the entire background verification process, especially in a traditional but gradually digitizing economy like India. Background verification agencies like to use these buzz words for effect, but the truth is majority of the background check processes are still executed through human intervention. Even in mature economies like the US, which has a higher level of digitization of public records, complete automation is not possible and there have been several lawsuits against background verification companies relying on complete automation, due to false positives arising from said automation, leading to wrongful reporting thereby causing huge inconvenience and reputational damage to job applicants and even tenants!

Now, I must add that technology has a role to play and has definitely automated a lot of the background verification processes like identity verification, education check (to a certain extent), criminal record (court) check etc. however the real benefit of tech in BGV is in reducing the workload of HR departments who are already burdened with more important tasks like employee well-being and productivity post Covid-19. A BGV vendor with their own proprietary platform can leverage technology to offer companies an end-to-end service, including handling document/detail collection directly from candidates (provided the client’s policies permit that) and even managing insufficiencies without burdening HR. Therefore, HR brethren must choose a background verification agency whose processes are authentic and who can reduce HR’s workload and be a good ally in compliance.

3. Data Security

Ever heard of a government bill that could cause your company to go bankrupt because they did not secure client/user data and now cannot afford to pay hefty fines? Yes, this is what the Personal Data Protection Bill (yet to be passed in India) will bring with it! What is worse? – what if it wasn’t your company’s fault but rather the chosen vendor’s fault? What a pity, no? A responsible background verification company will take these data security compliances into account and proactively comply with them in advance.

HR brethren, do you still think a ‘cheap’ background verification vendor is worth it?

Final Thoughts

I believe I have made my case, probe the above 3 topics with your prospective background verification agency and do not compromise on quality. BGV processes are improving with API based solutions however, those are database checks and negative checks at that. Verification still happens in large part through physical visits. There are agencies who are good at the business of background verification and then there are agencies who are good at performing background verification. Turn Around Time (TAT) is usually 15-21 days depending on your checks, so do not be gullible if some agency claims to do it in under a week. Transparency and customer service by the BGV agency is also highly desired, especially in cases of delays or unforeseen circumstances. Don’t risk losing a star candidate who was put off by your background verification vendor and joined your competitor. Choose right choose quality always!
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Why Choose Millow for Background Checks in Patna?

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We offer a detailed range of pre-employment screening assistance in a creative, timely and cost-effective process. Aspects covered include verification of experience, academic credentials, supervisory results, record keeping, and skills assurance. Any misconduct or unprofessional hiring of an employee can be detrimental to a company’s image and severely damage it.

The Importance of Background Checks

By conducting the right background check through the best background check company in Patna, you can hire the most competent people who will help you grow your industry, not destroy it. It is crucial to hire ethical people, and employers today have the privilege of learning more about the candidates they want to legally associate with. A background check program will encourage applicants to reveal more about their identities, and a thorough background check can provide evidence of applicants’ past careers and accomplishments that provide a clear, factual picture of the candidate. A background check cannot be ignored and is non-negotiable. Integral BGV has not stopped, but it has not changed either. It has been hard challenged and developed stronger, better and perhaps even highly mature for the modern world order.

Over time, BGV has evolved into a cumbersome technique requiring numerous manuscripts to be submitted to various departments for various events. Every time there is a new security law or regulation, an addendum to the process is created. It has become a constant pain point in the employee life cycle, and the capability has unmistakably shown how complicated the system feels. Background Verification has also become essential for the safety of existing employees and for growing an integrated workforce. Such a level of satisfaction can only be achieved by ensuring the reliability of every employee selected by the company. This also helps to reduce the dangers associated with the industry-wide hiring process. However, monetary liability for misdemeanors and misconduct of their employees is becoming one of the major risk areas for the institutions. Companies are using background screening as a risk management method to limit their penalties. With the rise of resume fraud and identity crimes, it is even more important to conduct credible screening because it is difficult to tell the difference between a resume and a one-page fiction. Yet, the entire process of going through every claim and testimonial of an applicant can be tedious. As one of the best background verification companies, Millow’s background verification services in Patna supports all organizations.

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