Background checks are synonymous with hiring individuals who are safe and do not pose a threat to the image of an organization. The process of fraud mitigation is comprehensive as it entails checking one’s identity, residential address, social media profilescriminal antecedentscourt record checks, past employment verification, credit score and the like. Since all these different aspects are covered, few candidates fail a background check. All companies remain extremely vigilant while onboarding applicants as they are taking in people who will represent the organization. Any slip up could lead to serious consequences for a firm and all firms want to steer clear of filing lawsuits or being involved legally. Most background checks fail on account of criminal antecedents. Something as trivial as a street fight or a verbal threat could work against someone’s image. If the company digs deep and records of a candidate’s track with something that is not ethical shows up, that individual could be blacklisted permanently. The safest step to resort to is conducting a background check on oneself. Seeking the services of a credible and reputed background verification company will generate accurate reports about your background. You can then use it as a gateway before you apply to all those places you’ve been meaning to. Something that could work against a company may not be a deciding factor for a company that’s into something else. To illustrate this point, consider an applicant who happens to be someone who has been booked for speeding or driving in a rash manner. An IT company might still hire him/ her if the individual in question is extremely qualified for the job. However, a food delivery company or an app cab company will never take in applicants who have a record of driving in a reckless manner.

Misrepresentation and embellished resumes are always reasons for failing a background check. Falsifying one’s credentials just so that one appears erudite and more competent than others is a crime that cannot be forgiven. It violates trust and an equation that is not forged on trust does not survive. Transparency is a valued trait in all sectors and one does not have to be a genius to figure that out. It is a rudimentary requirement. Past employment verification is yet another major deciding factor. Reference checks and follow ups with one’s previous employer is conducted thoroughly. The job roles and responsibilities are looked into along with the manner in which they have been handled. How crucial projects were delivered along with their deadlines is also checked. The demeanor of the persona while in the premises, behavior with fellow colleagues adaptability, punctuality and other tiny aspects are factored. Social media profiles give out information that provides one deep insights with regard to the individual’s psyche. If disturbing information such as sexist comments, hatred towards a particular community, badmouthing political parties or prominent figures , openly bragging about a misdeed are discovered, the candidate is deemed a wrong fit for any organization. As per reports collated by the Federal Trade Commission, 4.8 million Identity theft frauds took place in 2019. Screening any candidate before he/ she is recruited reduces the chances of a bad hire infiltrating your firm. The reason people misrepresent themselves is because it is easy to get away with it. It is important to be aware of common red flags before one begins the process of recruitment. However, certain candidates are hired despite failing a background check at first. If the person can substantiate the gray areas with adequate and reasonable proof, he/ she is considered for the role. Inconsistencies on one’s resume are also a cause of concern. This indicates fickle-mindedness on the part of the candidate. Ascertaining whether the inconsistencies are just clerical errors or if they have actually taken place will also shed some light. If the resume has gaps that are unexplained or short stints, the person may not be considered for the job. There are numerous reasons for failing a background check. However, the upside is that one can always find out prior to one applies to places. Getting one’s profile verified will reassure one before he/she applies for certain roles. A proper and authentic fraud mitigation company will use automated processes to generate background verification reports. Such companies have the knowhow of how screenings are typically conducted and what all parameters are checked for. They are truly a boon during times when one is always surrounded with mistrust and fraudulent practices. Millow is India’s trusted background verification company. We leverage our proprietary technology & stringent processes to provide you BGV reports in the shortest amount of time. If you need to get your employees, vendors, business partners, loan applicants, or even yourself/profile verified do contact us on: Email: info@millow.io Contact: 011 41219183