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Millow is a technology-driven company Background Verification Company in Bangalore/Bengaluru that uses advanced technology and intelligent screening methods to check the background of new employees, tenants, domestic helpers, etc. so that businesses and individuals can work only with qualified and trustworthy individuals. Our mission is to build trust in an individual or business through rigorous and automated background check processes in a short period of time using strict data security protocols. Background checks help various organizations or companies to verify the financial, criminal and sometimes commercial records of employees. Hiring Millow, one of the best Background Verification companies in Bangalore can help you to get the background verification done quickly and efficiently. Background Screening ensures that the information provided by the candidates is 100% accurate. It also protects your interests from any negative aspects like fraudulent activities, loss of income and damage to reputation.

As one of the well-known and reputed background check companies in Bangalore, we design reliable and compliant employee verification programs for various organizations to protect themselves from legal repercussions resulting from negligent hiring practices. To ensure success and growth, many companies in Bangalore hire us to conduct background checks on their employees before they are hired. We are not shy to say that Millow ranks first among the top 10 background check agencies in Bangalore. Our aim is to eliminate easily preventable fraud for businesses and also for the most vulnerable sections of the society.

Millow has a powerful team of legal, law enforcement, and government advisors to perform background verification services effectively and efficiently. Additionally, we have collaborated with C-DAC and E-Pramaan (National e-Authentication framework), which further strengthens our background check process.

From employee background screening to comprehensive verification reports, we are 100% committed to providing each of our clients with the most honest and accurate information available so that you can make the best decision for your business. The number of MNCs, IT companies, Tech parks, etc. have increased in recent times. Employee Background Verification Process in MNCs are comparatively slower than SMEs. The majority of the organizations in Bangalore are conducting pre-employment verification of the employees. Background Checks are essential to keep a tab on both the competitors as well as the employees. Millow has come up with solutions for companies, BFSI, tenants, matrimony, domestic help verification, etc

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Importance of Background Verification

Background checks are conducted by employers to verify the background or criminal history of their candidates during the hiring process. Estimates show that nearly 40% of the resumes submitted by candidates contain incorrect or falsified information. Therefore, many companies in Bangalore conduct background checks on their potential candidates.

Why Choose Millow as your partner for background checks?

  1. Quick and easy process to apply for background checks.
  2. Well-tailored background check packages that are suitable for any industry
  3. Customer focused philosophy
  4. Reliable and trustworthy background check reports
  5. Fastest turnaround time
  6. Perfect suitability for screening high profile candidates
  7. Affordable and customized background verification packages
  8. Intelligent background check professionals having many years of experience in the Background Check Service sector
  9. Leverage the best of ultra-modern digital technologies
  10. Highest data security protocols

From Background Verification you will find a wealth of information that will help you make wise decisions. We provide simple yet effective, fast and affordable background check services for several reputed companies in Bangalore. Availing Background Verification Services from Millow will get you first-hand information that is accurate, precise, and timely for making smart decisions.

Basically most of the background verification companies in Bangalore offer background check services like Documents Verification, Employment Verification, Address Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Mark-sheet Verification, Drug check, Credit check, Social Media check, Global Watch-list check, Economic default check, etc. Millow provides services to corporate, government and b2c clients. We also equip our clients with a wealth of information about the target person for decision support. Millow stands first among the top rated and reliable background verification companies in Bangalore. The company aims to curb easily preventable fraud for businesses of all sizes and also for the most vulnerable segments of the society.


Benefits of Background Verification

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets of any business. Hence, background check of employees is a must while hiring. Companies in Bangalore opt for background checks to create a safe working environment and eliminate risks. Apart from this, this prevents fraud activities, protects the brand value of the company, builds trust and increases profitability. Background Checks screens candidates at all levels, including part-time employees as well as upper management employees. Employees have access to office space, assets, and sensitive information, so that’s another reason for a background check. Millow is one of the most trusted employee background verification companies in India that specializes in providing all-inclusive and advanced background check services in Bangalore and has built its own background check platform. Our motto for HR is “Set it and forget it”.


Now let us take a quick look at some of the important benefits of our background verification services:

Protect Brand Value

Background Check successfully eliminates the risks of serious impact on a company’s reputation as well as brand by negating them from inappropriate employees. Our verification service helps you protect brand equity and increase profitability.

Prevent Litigation and Lawsuits

The risk of hiring employees with criminal records is quite high without a background check. This leads to serious complications for any business. Hiring Millow helps you mitigate the risk associated with negligent hiring.

Preventing Frauds

Businesses do not want employees who are dishonest and/or underqualified. Employee fraud not only affects revenue, but also impacts how your company is perceived by customers, investors, and the community. Therefore, a necessary step to prevent fraud is to conduct a background check.

Create a safe Working Environment

With detailed background checks, companies can create a safe work environment. BGV Service mitigates risk, protects company brand equity, and increases profitability. Our expert background check team ensures and follows strict data security protocols.

Establish Trust

Proper hiring builds trust with customers and employees. Millow provides rigorous background check processes to help startups, large corporations, and individuals hire only trustworthy and qualified candidates.

Improve Employee Quality

Background checks help filter out the best employees. Therefore, background checks lead to improved employee quality with better operational efficiency.

Increase Productivity

Background checks increase productivity by hiring employees with better work habits, policies, practices, and attitudes. In addition, background checks streamline business operations.

Improves Performance

Background screening provides the right pool of talent. This ensures that all the necessary performance indicators are met.

Protects Profitability

Poor hiring of an employee affects the overall profitability of the company. Moreover, there are many companies in Bangalore that suffer losses related to hiring costs due to selection of wrong employees. These losses can be overcome by hiring Millow, your #1 background check company in Bangalore.

If you are an employer and want to get a Background Verification done by the verification experts in Bangalore, then you have come to the right place. We are one of the best Background Verification Companies in Bangalore/Bengaluru offering various levels of verification services from Basic Level to Detailed Level. Contact us!
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