How IT Services Companies Gain More Clients Through Stringent Background Check Reports on Their Employees

Information Technology is an ever-growing industry and our economy has become primarily technology-driven. IT services companies have a large number of workforces under their wing and making sure that each of their employees is genuine, becomes all the more important. The focal points of IT companies should be on building trustworthy equations with all their prospective as well as the existing clients by going to the right background verification companies.

Stringent background verification policies need to be in place when it comes to IT firms and onboarding. Post the checking of a candidate’s technical capabilities, verifying their integrity should be the successive step. In order to protect a firm’s proprietary data, they need to be able to track down their data and its movement. A data research firm named Statista had found out how close to 38 percent of users in India are concerned about data misuse.

Three years ago, JustDial was the victim of a data leak that had compromised the personal details belonging to over 100 million users. In fact, data breach occurrences were the second highest in global terms as per a survey done by the digital security firm- Gemalto.

WiproAmazonBig Basket have also suffered data leaks. Loopholes in the background verification policies are the driving factors behind such unfortunate occurrences which end up costing companies a large sum of money.

Employees will think twice before fudging their credentials if the firms that employ them have technology-enabled stringent methods to conduct screenings. The background verification process in IT companies are still raw.

If any MNC were to sack their employee, it is highly likely that the individual has been blacklisted as Multinational companies have a zero-tolerance policy for fraudulent hires. The individual in question might then apply to some other company and completely conceal the fact that he/she was in fact blacklisted. However, in such cases, going to an authentic and end-to-end background verification company would be your best bet. They have the expertise to dig deeper than you can imagine and then unearth years of professional misconduct on the employee’s part. This could then be an eye-opener for you and also put a check on the unprecedented losses that you would have otherwise incurred.

With the current scenario, most of us have been working remotely and so, ascertaining that only genuine people are hired becomes the need of the hour. We physically verify the residential address of any applicant whose reports we prepare as residential address can attest to a person’s identity. All the histories of any discrepancy that might have taken place shows up. The Human Resource Executives who screen candidates follow a very traditional and obsolete approach and so, getting a background check done through a third party will be more accurate and reliable.
In IT, one can come across all sorts of dubious profiles-

  • Incomplete notice period
  • Being fired on account of misdemeanour
  • Abandoning the company in the middle of a crucial project
  • Data leaks

A rigorous and automated background verification will mitigate these to considerably low levels or even negligent levels if the ideal fraud mitigation firm is sought. It may also happen that a certain someone exits one firm only to join a rival firm. This isn’t permitted when it comes to company policies. The Non-disclosure agreements that they sign prevents them from collaborating with any competitor as the data and the knowledge gained is only for the company’s repository. A restraint of trade clause forbids them from working with a competitor.

Millow is a ISO 27001 certified background check company and also specializes in post exit background checks. From screening academic records to criminal record checks to general background checks, Millow offers a comprehensive BGV services through its proprietary background check automation platform.

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Credit rating

A credit index is a statistical value assigned to a person depending on the credit history. Credit ratings are used by most banks to assess the risk of financing to an individual.
Firms can, however, examine credit ratings to see whether there have been many instances of fraud. As an outcome, poor creditworthiness can often be the consequence of unethical behavior.
When recruiting new staff, it is vital to do background checks. Some organizations hire third-party services to handle the procedure, and others use background screening software.
Hiring organizations and computerized programs to obtain data on a prospect is a good idea. It is up to the firm to determine whether or not to hire the applicant after gaining data about them.

Civil misconduct

Criminal records are examined separately from civil offense records, which are, also available to IT business employers. A statement that may reveal civil wrongdoing on the applicant’s behalf is included in the majority of pre-employment checks. This check provides data on problems that have been decided in a civil court of law. Destruction of property, civil theft, or a felony committed against an individual rather than the state are examples of such crimes.
If somebody was prosecuted for civil misbehavior, the study will disclose that. Companies can conduct two sorts of civil infraction inspections: federal and county-level verifications. They may do only one particular test or nothing at all in some circumstances.
Should a technology firm look into this? For about the same logic that any other business would. This assessment provides them with information on the behavior of the individual they are considering recruiting. Undoubtedly, any corporation would like to recruit someone who has a good reputation

Reference checks

Lastly, reference checks are an important part of the job verification procedure that is frequently overlooked. Employers anticipate that the individual’s references will offer a qualitative assessment of them. Applicants will not name people who they do not trust will attest to their personality and abilities. This, however, does not influence the profitability of referrals.
References will be reviewed to acquire a second perspective on the applicant’s professionalism, personality, and skills. Reference checks are an important part of the recruiting process to ensure you’re getting the finest candidate for the position.


Firms can also use internet people trackers to shortlist candidates. They will take benefit from all of the resources at their disposal. They ensure that an applicant has the competencies to thrive in the role by checking into their work record. Their culpability is reduced by a civil infraction and a criminal background check. They will check references to get a sense of a person’s intelligence and work habits.