Background Checks & Screening Company


Millow is a brand of Millowsatya Services Pvt. Ltd. which was formed to provide trust solutions to enterprises and society at large. Millow is the background screening arm of the company and offers risk and fraud mitigation services primarily for the purpose of hiring the right candidate.

Millow holds that the background verification process in India is inefficient and has several loopholes, therefore it needs an overhaul. Lack of oversight, accreditation and low barriers to entry make background verification a fertile ground for spurious operators and even legacy players who employ less than scrupulous practices. Millow is on a mission to reform the Background Verification Industry by leveraging the most modern technologies to produce checks and balances in the bgv processes. Moreover, we aim to provide the utmost convenience to clients with an end-to-end service and finally a smooth onboarding experience to our clients’ users and employees.

We have expanded our footprint all over India and leverage our automated background check platform to establish trust in an individual or entity using automated background verification processes, in the least amount of time and by harnessing strict data security protocols. We are a team of closely-knit members who strive to set an example of expertise, reliability, and excellence.

We offer a comprehensive suite of background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes – ranging from corporate business service providers to medium-scale businesses and start-ups to equip them for making the best hiring decisions. We incorporate intelligent background screening tools to enhance your compliance requirements. All types of risks associated with hiring candidates with questionable antecedents can be easily eliminated with our stringent employee background screening strategies.

The Millow™ Advantage is as Follows:

User Experience and Company Branding

An ethos of fighting fraud, empathy for the client and even the applicant is what drives Millow™. An applicant is stressed and needs to be brought on board quickly. A bad background check experience by the company’s contracted agency can tarnish the employer’s reputation and cause the applicant to move on to a competitor. Millow™ strives to provide a seamless and quick onboarding experience for the client’s new employees, maintaining and even enhancing the brand’s reputation.

End-to-End Service

Companies and their HR departments should not be burdened with mundane tasks, especially when it comes to compliance, when there are reputable companies like Millow™. Millow’s platform was created with the motto “Set it and forget it” for HR departments. We can handle the entire background check process, starting with collecting documents/details directly from candidates using our proprietary bgv platform.

Proprietary Platform

Millow™ is a technology driven employee background verification company in India and has built its own background check platform. With the increasing digitization in India, technology can be used to conduct real-time background checks by issuing authorities. It can also reduce reliance on the traditional approach of physical visits, which are inherently time-consuming and sub-optimal.

Instant Background Checks

As one of the premier background check companies in India, Millow™ is constantly striving to take days and even hours out of the background check process. We are constantly adding smart features to our platform and training our employees to improve our processes. More automation and better operational efficiency can reduce costs, which we can pass on to our customers.