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Domestic Helper Background Verification

Domestic helpers or domestic servants in India are not just helpers, they are more than the role. They become a part of the family. Often the woman of the house supervises these helpers. Therefore, it is very crucial to check the background and antecedents of the person concerned so that the family, including the women and children in the house, can feel safe in their presence. According to the NCRB, the overall number of crimes has increased by 1.3%.


Importance of Domestic Helper Verification

Crimes involving domestic helpers and security guards are increasing at an alarming rate. According to the NCRB – National Crime Records Bureau, about 700 crimes involving servants, housekeepers and domestic helpers are recorded every year. We no longer keep servants based on mere appearances. The increasing number of criminal cases is forcing people to rely on background check providers who offer reliable domestic help screening services.

The nuclear family structure and the fact that all adults are employed, along with the contemporary lifestyle, make it difficult for people in urban areas to complete their daily household chores on time. At this point of time, people opt for the services of a home help.
There is no doubt that verification of domestic help is the need of the hour. In most cases, people hire a domestic helper to raise young children or take care of them after school and do the household chores. In some cases, working family members seek the help of a home care aide or other household help to care for ailing parents. Regardless of what type of home help you need, you should do a thorough background check on a nanny or home help before hiring one to save you and your family from potential tragedies. As one of the trusted and reliable domestic help verification agencies, Millow has a dedicated team of experts who have years of expertise in conducting domestic help verification and background checking.
Our domestic help screening service consists of a comprehensive series of different background checks that we conduct to find out the minute details of servants and domestic help. We do criminal background checks, financial scams, sex offenses, etc. before recommending a person to work with your family members.


Chauffeurs or drivers too need to be screened before they are hired by an employer. One needs to be certain about their previous criminal antecedents such as theft, driving under the influence of alcohol, vandalism, improper /rash driving, and the like.
Not verifying the backgrounds of drivers/ chauffeurs could have serious implications for any firm. Legal liabilities are something that any company would want to avoid especially if it involves wastage of time and resources. Background verification qualifies or eliminates candidates based on substantive proof. Contemporary applicant tracking systems are automated and the element of anonymization is preserved here. Stringency and adherence to the compliance measures are instrumental when it comes to background verifications.


Handing over the responsibilities of your child to someone who’s practically a stranger is never easy. A thorough background screening needs to be conducted on the nanny hired so that parents don’t view her as some threat and are more relaxed in terms of their job roles.
Before you hire a nanny, make sure that you choose an ideal one. You can outsource the work of background verification to a third party agency that professionally does the work of conducting these screenings through the aid of technology. Identities, residential address, credit score, criminal history check and a court record check is generally done.


The ideal method of screening a domestic help’s background is via outsourcing the work of background verification to a third-party vendor that professionally does the work of fraud mitigation. An accurate report of an applicant can only be prepared by these agencies as they utilize automated technologies, skilled verification officers, and proprietary platforms to do the work. Anyone who works in close proximity to your family members should be initially viewed with suspicion. Knowing their credentials is not enough as one must always verify them.
Authentic background verification firms send the Identity proofs (Voter’s ID card, PAN, Aadhar) of these domestic helpers along with a letter to the District Superintendant of Police. The police then check their files and produces a report known as a Police Clearance Certificate post even visiting the house of the concerned candidate. Another method of verifying criminal antecedents is through a Pan-India court record database that a reputed background check firm has access to and the know-how to apply the relevant search queries. A reference check with the past employers also assists one in taking a call about the hire as word of mouth is highly valued in our country. The verifier ascertains the integrity of the gig worker or domestic helper.