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Millow is a premier due diligence and background check company. We do a thorough investigation on companies, founders, employees, loan applicants, tenants, marriage partners etc. to safeguard our clients. Our team comprises of subject matter experts in open source intelligence (OSINT), background verification, market intelligence, and physical investigation.

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Business Services

Business Services

Employee Verification

We serve a wide range of clients, including startups, MSMEs, enterprises, and government agencies. Startups, like Meesho, PharmEasy, and Nykaa, seek competent team members for product-market fit. MSMEs, comprising millions of micro, small, and medium enterprises, such as Oilmax Systems Private Ltd and Assam Carbon Products Ltd, also benefit from our services.

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Integrity Due Diligence

IDD is all about ensuring a company and its founders are trustworthy to prevent fraud and legal issues. It's a crucial step for companies and investors to safeguard themselves through thorough background checks. The World Bank defines IDD as assessing the integrity risk of stakeholders in projects and deals.

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Fraud Control Unit

We offer professional on-site support and investigation services nationwide through our experienced local representatives. With a vast network of field agents across India, we excel in comprehensive financial risk control services. Our focus is on gathering compelling evidence through thorough investigations and detailed reports.

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Individual Services

Individual Services

Profile Check Certificate

The Profile Check Certification is a specialized credential that validates the expertise and proficiency of individuals in conducting comprehensive profile checks. This certification equips professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess and verify the accuracy and reliability of individuals' profiles, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

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Tenant Verification

Tenant verification is a crucial process that property owners and landlords undertake to ensure the reliability and credibility of potential tenants. This process involves conducting comprehensive checks to verify important details about the tenant's background, financial stability, and rental history. By performing tenant verification, property owners can make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with renting out their properties.

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Criminal Court Record Check

A criminal court record check is an important process conducted by individuals, employers, or organizations to obtain information about a person's involvement in criminal activities and their interactions with the legal system. This check involves reviewing records from the criminal court system to identify any criminal convictions, pending cases, or other legal actions against an individual.

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Self-Background Check

Performing a self-background check can be a valuable tool in both personal and professional endeavors. Conducting such checks allows you to gain insight into your own background information, ensuring accuracy and helping you proactively address any issues that may arise. This guide will outline the steps you can take to conduct a thorough self-background check, providing you with a balanced understanding of your personal history.

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Our Clients Reviews

What Our Client Say About Our Services

The Millow team has been very instrumental in ensuring sustainability of our business by advising appropriate background verification mechanisms, working with us on ensuring that we meet the expectations of Fortune 500 companies and fast tracking bgv for a highly distributed organization with consistent level of service.

Amit Jalali

CEO of Yoda-tech (Australia & Singapore)
I took their service of self BGV verification. I got the result as promised in a very short time. I am very satisfied with their service. Thank you Harsh for your constant follow- up with me and got the job done.

Rohit Kulkarni

The background verification services provided by Millow was excellent. They were very efficient and accurate, and the final report was presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. I also appreciated the excellent customer service, and I would definitely use their services again in the future.

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