Our society is a mixture of different types of people from different backgrounds and numerous parts of it have been found intoxicated with people who are continuously exposing themselves to illegal medications and misuse. This has been a complete headache when this misuse started affecting the workplaces on a serious level. Many countries have reported the loss of huge amounts of money which has affected not only their profit but also the efficiency and productivity at stake. Drug abuse by the employees can lead to unforeseen consequences which can sometimes be lethal to the co-workers too.

Various surveys conducted in this regard have indicated that people who are being exposed to drug abuse are more likely to perform low than the other workers which directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the company. They have seen causing accidents, get absent without excuses, not being punctual at work, and sometimes cause harm to their fellow workers. Laws have been enforced in this regard which allows the company management to terminate the employees who repeatedly misbehave in the workplace and make legal proceedings against them.

There have been great advancements in the field of medical science which have to lead to many important breakthroughs which have paved the way for drug testing at the workplace to determine whether one employee is being under the influence of a drug or not. But still, questions and concerns have been arising from many sides where they repeatedly ask whether workplace drug testing of employees by their employers should be allowed or not.

There are multiple reasons to back drug testing at workplaces.

Drug testing is done by the employer to verify whether his employees or applicants are under the influence of drugs or not. By administering this, it would be easier for the employer to determine whether there are shreds of evidence for the employee using alcohol or any illegal drugs of any kind. The employer has to administer these tests based on clear written policies and also the employees have to be educated well about the after-effects of drug use and dangers of alcohol consumptions.

What are the reasons for employers to implement drug testing at workplaces?

Proper administration of drug testing at workplaces could prevent workers from mishandling alcohol and illegal medications of any kind. By reviewing the employer would be able to distinguish early and properly allude workers who have potential drug abuse issues. By identifying them and taking apt actions, the employer can ensure a much safer and ample atmosphere for other workers.

Pros of Drug testing at the workplace

Proper implementation of a drug testing policy can help employees with drug abuse issues where the employers can provide them with proper assistance and guidance to overcome their problems effectively. Also, Drug abuse in the workplace can cost millions of losses in big companies due to a common trend seen among drug-abusing workers as they tend to move from one job to another in a very less period causing a lot of potential expenses for the companies.

Since drug abuse is a core issue that affects a person’s basic instincts and can lead to many security risks especially in industries like construction where chances of accidents are usually high. Reports showing that more than half of the accidents that occur at the workplace are due to people who came under the influence of drugs and alcohol. By implementing drug testing at the workplace, we can ensure the safety of the workspace to a greater level and can also positively influence the lives of employees as well as their families.

Drug abuse can negatively impact the worker’s potential and can result in their poor work performance. They may struggle to work efficiently and drift away from the tasks assigned. Drug testing can help the employers to identify the ones influenced under the condition and the employer can target them and remove them if needed and thereby increase the company’s work performance.

Addiction to illegal substances has also resulted in decreased attendance of the employees. This decrease in attendance can directly affect the productivity and smooth functioning of the company’s profit. Proper administration of drug testing policies can be used to sort these workers from the effective lot and replace them with better ones to improve the company’s functioning and elevate the profit levels.

Some employers tend to conduct pre-employment drug testing which helps them in determining whether a candidate is suitable for your companies standards and goals. It helps you to recruit valuable assets to your workforce and can easily lead to an increase in your turnover rate with the help of an efficiently operating workforce.

Considering the medical side, substance abuse can always elevate the medical costs of a person. Many companies have recorded huge amounts of estimated expenses due to illicit drug abuse and alcohol use. By implementing proper drug testing at workplaces, the loss can be managed by reducing the number of accident occurrences, health costs, and also drug-related illnesses. This eventually helps the company in maintaining a healthy and energetic workforce less affected by medical conditions and can actively participate in working towards the company’s progress

At an instance where legitimate educated consent strategies are followed, working environment drug testing acts as an obstruction to the individuals who might expose themselves to drug abuse and alcohol usage. Drug testing at workplaces can enormously upgrade the health and safety of the workplace to a very great extent. The process discourages people from getting under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol and keeps them healthy which thereby reduces the chances of accident occurrences as well as serious injuries at the workplace which in turn makes the workplace a better and safer environment than before.

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