Why companies must hire a background check company to perform pre-employment verification instead of managing it in-house

The importance of a background check is yet to be understood by the companies that are running their operations. The lack of a centralised system for a candidate’s complete background verification is another loophole that we must begin to live with. However, the process of getting a background screening done can be outsourced to certain companies that get a background check done professionally.

The burden often falls into the shoulders of Human Resource Managers who treat this like an additional task that needs to be done in any manner possible. One can’t make them scapegoats if fraudulent individuals enter an organisation as they are not well-versed in screening candidates and do not have enough time to invest in background checks.

There are plenty of reasons for hiring the ideal background check company to perform pre-employment verification instead of managing it in-house.

  1. Precise reports can be made if a third party vendor does the work of background verification
  2. A lot of unnecessary time that would have been otherwise frittered, gets reserved
  3. Your firm’s safety matters and it will only be completely safe once you’ve ascertained a candidate’s credentials
  4. Mental peace is underrated when it comes to background verification and yet, it is everything. Trust and integrity are two important parameters that constitute a successful background verification process and the right firm will eliminate any stress that crops up
  5. Proper background verification companies can assist in safely handling and storing data on employees. This provides a company with easy access to those files that contain the credentials of their employees.
  6. All employees regardless of their creed, financial background, religion or any other aspect need to complete pre-employment verification. This rules out any favouritism of any form as all the candidates are treated in an equal manner

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You need to identify the type of background checks that your company is in need of and then reach out to a technology-enabled background verification firm with that list. Once they take over, everything becomes seamless. The chances of a bad hire making their way into your organization get minimalized.

Some companies get pulled up for discriminatory hiring practices and some have even been sued in court. “Unconscious bias” is a real phenomenon in hiring. Background checks eliminate bias as they are gender-neutral & objective as they are fact-based and provide substantive proof”. Background verification qualifies or eliminates candidates based on substantive proof. Contemporary applicant tracking systems are automated and the element of anonymization is preserved

Outsourcing the work of background verification also allows a company to enjoy more flexibility in terms of operation and budget. They are able to devote a major fraction of their time to strategizing and looking for ways to increase their company’s overall revenue. A sudden spurt of misrepresentations in all companies indicates the need for outsourcing pre-employment verification. As per the Government of India, 6 out of 10 applicants falsify their credentials during the process of onboarding. The right background verification firm will educate you in the areas that you need to keep abreast of. The changing policies, reforms and legislations are something you cannot evade and being familiar with these will be an added advantage. Moreover, as laymen, we do not understand the legalities that need to be followed while conducting a background screening of someone. Some of these firms that provide end-to-end background verification services have the know-how of what entails during a screening. The courts that they need to go to, the government agencies, data providers and the like will only be known to a firm that does the work of fraud mitigation professionally.

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