Most households are hiring nannies these days as it becomes increasingly difficult for working parents to keep a tab on their kids. Nannies are hired to take care of kids and an element of trust needs to be constant so as to make things work.
Handing over the responsibilities of your child to someone who’s practically a stranger is never easy. A thorough background screening needs to be conducted on the nanny hired so that parents don’t view her as some threat and are more relaxed in terms of their job roles.
A couple who had relocated to Mumbai from Delhi were looking for a qualified nanny to take care of their daughter. They spoke to the manager of an agency over call and fixed an interview with the concerned nanny. When she arrived at the household to meet the parents, the couple was in for a rude shock. She did not appear to be a nanny for she was well-groomed and could easily pass off as a model. The couple nevertheless decided to go ahead with her and paid the manager of the agency a hefty commission to expedite the process. After about 10 days, the woman informed the couple that she needed to depart for her sister’s wedding which was taking place in some village. The agency too was in the dark about this and feigned ignorance stating they would replace her with someone else at the earliest. However, all the nannies that the agency kept sending them turned out to one worse than the other. One happened to be a thief while the other was extremely clumsy and careless. The streak of horror continued for about a month when the couple decided to involve the police. They could not retrieve their money from the agency as the manager had absconded by then. Unfortunately, the agencies/apps claim to do their own background checks. on their nannies but, they either don’t or they do a very superficial screening.

A family in Ahmedabad managed to ascertain the real identity of the nanny whom they had hired just in the nick of time. This had taken place a little over six months ago when a family had hired a nanny without getting a background check done on her. She had impersonated someone else and had begun working for them. She would take care of their twins and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her demeanour that would alert the parents. It so happened that the parents decided to check her phone while she was away on an errand. What followed next shook them to the core. The woman was associated with a Child Trafficking ring that had been operating for quite some time. The report had come out in the Times of India as well as some other dailies. Their twins had been keeping unwell for the past few days and so, they decided to get them tested. After a round of medical screenings, they were informed by the doctors that their children were being fed something that was working against their immune system. If this would have continued, their children could have lost their sense of hearing or that of sight. The nanny had been cooking and feeding food laced with arsenic to the twins and some bottles were seized from among her possessions.
These incidents are horrific and bring to light the relevance of fraud mitigation systems. A nanny who is reliable, trustworthy and well-trained is a fundamental requirement for anyone who is in on the lookout for a caregiver for his/ her child. The times that we live in are infested with corrupt and manipulative individuals who have no sense of professional ethics. Integrity is a virtue that is rare these days as the desire to earn easy money has superseded all other desires.
Before you hire a nanny, make sure that you choose an ideal one. You can outsource the work of background verification to a third party agency that professionally does the work of conducting these screenings through the aid of technology, government databases for identity check, field investigation officers for residential address, , criminal history check from the police station and a court record check through court databases.
Authentic background verification firms send the Identity proofs (Voter’s ID card, PAN, Aadhar) of nannies along with a letter to the District Superintendant of Police. The police then go over these files and produce a report known as a Police Clearance Certificate post even visiting the house of the concerned person. Another way of verifying criminal antecedents is through a Pan-India court record database that only reputed background check firms have access to and the know-how to apply the relevant search queries. A reference check with the past employers also assists one in taking a call about the hire as word of mouth is highly valued in our country. The verifier ascertains the professionalism of the nanny in question.
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