Startups are mushrooming with every passing day. Any startup comes with its own share of troubles which includes problems related to funding, competition, looking for the right talent that assists in building the company. The pressure to bring in only ideal candidates is pressing and so, all start ups must get a thorough background check done on their hires so as to remain reassured of their decisions. Cash-strapped start ups cannot afford to have ‘bad hires’ as this can negatively impact the entire image of the product or the service that they are working on. Unless a company gains considerable traction and credibility, they need to be absolutely certain and mindful of the individuals that they onboard. Post achieving a status of credibility, they don’t cease to be less vigilant but being careful from the very outset does have its benefits.
A background check conducted on such applicants includes an extensive screening of their academic credentials, their past employment history, criminal records, court record checks, address verification, CIBIL score checking, social media verification and Identity verification. Any non-compliance can lead to termination as there is no middle path when it comes to choosing a suitable candidate. All candidates are made aware of the background check procedure before they are taken in and it is often smoother if the candidate has already gotten himself/ herself verified through an authentic and reliable background verification company. The report that the company has generated can be used as a pass for all other firms that the applicant may apply to. This reduces the ever-present string of responsibilities that the Human Resource Executive is already reeling under.

Do you know who all are considered ‘bad hires?’

Anyone who has either forged their educational credentials by obtaining degrees through universities that are not registered under the University Grants Commission (UGC) or Council of Boards for School Education in India (COBSE), has produced incorrect Identity documents such as Aadhar card, Voter’s ID card, Pan card, Driver’s License or the like, has a track record of assault, abuse, violence, arson, thievery or other related crimes, has a bad credit score on account of accumulated debts, non-payments and taking multiple loans, comes across as someone who is not a right fit for the organization based on their social media profile analysis; will tantamount to being ‘bad hires.’
Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai have the most number of startups as per statistics collated by The Times of India. Most startups hire Freshers or Interns straight out of college so that it is monetarily feasible for them to stay afloat. The need for a stringent fraud mitigation system is a priority especially when blue-collared workers such as freelancers are being hired. Security concern is a common pain point for all those who head these startups. Some of them may even do their own background verification or Due Diligence on certain candidates so as to prevent additional expenditure. This may end up costing their company more than the amount they may have saved, in terms of decreased productivity levels and irreparable damage of repute.

A sexual assault case that was filed against a leading cab service provider had ended up costing the company lakhs of rupees. The company had begun as a startup like most companies and had then proliferated. This was during their initial days and they had to borrow some amount in order to successfully complete their legal proceedings. The tainted brand image further aggravated their revenue. All of these instances should serve as reminders of how excruciating it can be to hire the wrong person.
At a time when competence is imperative, one cannot jeopardize one’s brand image by cutting corners. Background screening policies need to be in place to safeguard your start up in its most vulnerable years. You must understand that by recruiting someone who is fraudulent, you are voluntarily bringing in someone who has access to valuable data, can siphon off money, can cause unpleasantness in terms of violence, harassment and misbehavior. In any startup, people always try to create safe spaces so that all the people who work together feel comfortable and contribute productively towards its development. That can only take place when the company hires people who they can trust. A clean background check sets the path for that kind of trust. Make sure that the job of background checking is outsourced to a trustworthy company that employs bleeding edge technologies and proprietary platforms to get the work done. The good news is that Millow which is an ISO 9001 and 27001 is sympathetic to the resource limitations of startups and offers affordable background verification packages.
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