Dating & Marriage Partner Research

Dating & Marriage Partner Research

We research your dating partner and provide you a report to verify their true identity, education, employment, marital/divorce status etc. All genders and relationship types are welcome

How Do We Research?

You will provide us with simple identifiers namely:
1. Full name
2. Email
3. Mobile number

We specialize in due diligence and background checks on individuals using a combination of digital footprint analysis, advanced search engine techniques, social media intelligence and deep web research. These efforts are aimed at unearthing information that is not accessible to the average citizen. Discreet physical examinations and even database checks (criminal records, identity, etc.) can be used if you so desire.

Online Romance Scam

Priyanka met ‘Mr Suave’, an NRI living in New York, through a dating app and started chatting with him. She looked forward to his witty messages every day and smiled when she read them. She wondered what ‘Mr. Suave’ would be like in person, certainly a charming and witty gentleman she assumed. One day, ‘Mr. Suave’ informed Priyanka that he had sent her a beautiful pendant worth a few lakhs (INR) and that she would only have to pay 35k duty to clear it. Priyanka received a call from someone pretending to be a customs officer and sending her a payment link. Turns out this is the usual modus operandi of scammers who pose as gentlemen and trap women with their charm, only to scam them in the end and disappear? Unfortunately, our dear Priyanka did not do much research on ‘Mr. Suave’ and thus became his 7th victim.


Yashika, a lucky girl from Mumbai, had the perfect life. She was a wealth manager in a bank and was earning good money. She was self-sufficient and owned a nice car. To top it all, she had a loving mother who was a widower and wanted her daughter to get with a nice man. Yashika was a shy girl and so she signed up with a matchmaker. Soon she met a doctor from the UK and the stars seemed to align. He traveled from London to Mumbai to meet her and her mother. Engagement plans were made overnight and a destination wedding followed. Yashika quit her job and moved to London to be with her husband. One night, the doorbell rang and Yashika found a woman crying profusely. As she tried to comfort the woman, she learned that she was the ‘other’ woman in her husband’s life. Yashika’s husband had been having an affair with this woman for a long time, but his family protested as she belonged to a different caste from them. Yashika became a ‘trophy wife’ so to speak. A world came crashing down for Yashika. Where was she going to go? She was in a foreign land and had no one around her.

Online Dating

Richa gives in and decides to meet Mr. ‘Banker’, a man she met through a dating app. He also lived in Bangalore and was very persistent about meeting up. They meet at a local coffee store and things develop normally. However, after their date, ‘Mr. Banker’ insists on taking Richa to her house in his ‘luxury car’. Richa is reluctant, but ‘Mr. Banker’s’ persistence pays off once again. They reach Richa’s house when things start getting weird. ‘Mr. Banker’ now asks Richa to show him her house. Richa refuses and somehow manages to leave him behind. In the following days, ‘Mr. Banker’ keeps calling Richa and sending her messages. Richa had enough and blocked him. She happened to mention this incident to her friend who had a similar incident, with the same man! And what was worse – he was married!