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Millow is your company’s background verification division in Ludhiana and provides risk and fraud mitigation services primarily to hire the right candidate. The primary objective of Background verification companies in Ludhiana is to gain some vital information about the candidates. In Ludhiana, background screening is legal and is becoming mandatory to perform before the company decides to hire the people. The reason for this is that there has been a hike in the cases of falsified educational degrees or certificates by the employees lately. Companies often try to mitigate the risks of hiring employees based on false credentials. A proper background verification ensures the safety of the would-be-employees of different companies. As one of the best background verification companies in Ludhiana, we offer our valuable and excellent services to our clients not only in Ludhiana but also all over India. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction and for this very reason, we have a team of investigators who are dedicated to work for you for always best results.

Importance of Background Verification

An efficient background verification helps to Stop Fraudulent Activities. Phishing activities and scams have shored up off late in Ludhiana as well as in other places in the country. People are blaming the companies and Service Providers for that. Apart from that, a background check ensures Higher Productivity. Proper knowledge will provide an upper hand to the employees who are in charge of handling or executing vital tasks. Like team leads or managers, the industry would need different professionals to perform several kinds of complicated tasks.

It has almost become an unsaid rule or a norm to verify the credentials of the would-be-employees of the organization before hiring them. Being the Best employee background verification company in Ludhiana, Millow covers complete background verification services including the Criminal Records of candidates.

The companies must make sure that their potential employees were not involved in any kind of violence in the past. Background verification often performs an Educational Background Check on the job applicants. This process involves verification of the educational degrees held by the candidates. This is performed to check whether the claims made by the would-be-employees regarding their educational qualification are correct or not.

The background screening process also involves checking of Pre-Employment Records. This helps employers to identify why the employee has left his/her previous job. This is often an important concern for the current organization. Pre-Employment Records check would tell a lot about the employee. This information also helps to negotiate the salaries better as Pre-Employment Records let the current employer know about the previous salary that used to be credited in the account of the potential employee. To check whether the employees you are planning to take on board are of sound physical and mental health, it is important to do a Medical Reports check. This would help the recruiting firms to see whether the employees would be able to handle work pressure and stress or not.

A proper Address Verification is also important for employers. The employers can inquire from the neighbors where the potential employees stay. A valid address is a vital component when it comes to background verification. A new way to check up on the character of a potential employee is to check his or her social media accounts that reflect their social activities. The background screening process also provides information about the Financial History of the employees. This would provide information regarding the tax payment history and credit history of the potential employees.

Why Choose Millow?


Millow has years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the background check field, making the company unique in the industry. We also provide customized solutions that are relevant and cost-effective. Millow’s professional background check team addresses client requirements down to the smallest detail to provide innovative and technology-enabled solutions. Millow follows ethical and transparent business practices. As one of the best employee background verification companies in Ludhiana, Millow ensures that the hired employees have the potential to increase the productivity of the company by increasing the sales. Employees are less likely to have the chance of being kicked out of the company or leaving the job when qualified employees are selected after a thorough background check. Millow provides businesses and organizations with a risk-free environment for the hiring process. Apart from this, background screening helps companies build trust with their employees. The confidentiality of our clients is very important to us.

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