Everyone who applies for a job has to undergo a thorough background screening prior to being inducted by a company. All firms outsource the work of background verification to a third-party vendor so as to ascertain the credentials of individuals recruited.
Jobs are difficult to find as companies take in only the most qualified candidates and not those who won’t prove to be an asset for them. The gap between qualified candidates and their dream jobs has increased. 59 per cent of recruiters reject resumes mainly on account of poor usage of language. There are other factors too such as providing details that aren’t accurate or embellishing them.
Most resumes are embellished these days as cut-throat competition in certain industries demands only the most qualified candidates and this creates a gap. As per a census conducted by Central Bank, 51 per cent of employers have admitted that they will automatically dismiss a potential candidate if they find a single lie on their resumes.
Trust and truth are two very vital facets for any equation and a breach of both at the very onset can only create uncalled for problems. An employer, no matter how forgiving or experimental, will never take in someone who is dishonest and could jeopardize the company’s image.
The lying, however, seems to show no signs of slowing down. The silver lining is in the form of authentic background verification firms that have come up and are facilitating the work of weeding out bad hires from organizations. A background verification on prospects reduces the chances of taking in someone who’s unsuitable for a firm.

Academic fraud is another aspect that needs to be investigated. Multiple fake universities that offer fictitious degrees in exchange for wads of cash have mushroomed. These diploma mills are organizations that claim to provide higher education but are actually illegal institutions that hand out illegitimate academic degrees without any academic approval by accredited bodies such as the University Grants Commission (UGC) or the Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE).
Resume plagiarism is another fraud that most Freshers or even seasoned industry workers commit. It is often easier to take false credit for someone else’s work than put in the effort needed to push oneself. These individuals have zero sense of conscience and will not bat an eye before committing such frauds.
Certain universities that come to light for providing fake degrees might have also provided genuine ones to countless other students. The ones who have actually earned their academic degrees are also viewed with suspicion. They too bear the brunt of graduating from institutions that have a shady repute. These facts highlight the need to get a background check done on one’s own self so that one knows that he/she has an untainted image. It is always a prudent idea to be armed with this knowledge before one applies somewhere. A sense of confidence and security gets instilled in those who have their personal fraud mitigation certificates. The anxiety surrounding their background verification gets eliminated once the hiring procedure begins until the time they get done with their probation.
People who apply for a job in some other country need a Police Clearance Certificate and a thorough background verification report before they are zeroed in on. Background checks also remove hiring bias. The process is automated and anonymized and so, discrimination on flimsy grounds does not take place. The fact that most employers may never get to see their employees makes the need to ascertain their identities all the more imperative.
As per Economic Times, the percentage of Identity thefts were almost 46.48 per cent.
Impersonating someone is something that most individuals have gotten away with in the past.

In a similar manner, you need to have a clean criminal history. Incidents related to violence, assault, robbery, negligence on your part will always show up when your background is being looked into. A criminal history check is done in collaboration with courts, local police stations and is usually very thorough. You do not have to commit a crime to be in a tight spot, being an accessory in a crime scene can also work against you.
Conducting one’s background check is a more controlled manner of taking charge of your future job roles. It provides you with a sense of security before you apply to certain prominent places. All the major firms conduct background verification until the time they are completely satisfied with the outcome. If at all, you discover certain disturbing inputs about you that may cripple your chances of landing your dream job, you can get them rectified well before time.
Highlighting extracurricular activities also improves someone’s job prospects as people are on the constant lookout for those who have multiple related skillsets. Looking up a company prior to applying for a certain job role is the ideal thing to do. You can get in touch with some of the existing employees of the company and find out more about the work culture of the place.
Background checks always improve the quality of resources that a firm has and the quality of one’s workforce is what defines a company. The amount of time, money and energy that gets expended on every candidate is considerable. Credible background check companies provide accurate reports in a finite time frame.
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