How do HR professionals work today

Are you aware of the responsibilities of an HR Manager? A Human Resource Manager has a string of tasks to accomplish such as conducting interviews, onboarding new employees, providing training. They also have to ensure coordination between the employees of the firm and handle the overall working environment. They work on policy developments along with the founding members of the company so as to come up with a proper framework that everyone can abide by. They assess the performance of each employee so that they can accordingly recognize and reward them for their work. Policies with regards to leaves, working hours, working days, promotion and basic rules are also overseen by them. An HR’s job does not begin and end with just hiring employees.
Human Resource Executives need considerable technical expertise to be able to utilise software for the purpose of onboarding employees. Software such as Application Tracking, which helps them in closing job openings faster, Performance Management software like Cezanne and Workboard , which evaluates employee performance, Time management software such as Avaza and Bric, are all built to facilitate their already challenging jobs.

In this remote era of working from anywhere, the traditional manner of conducting a background checks on recruits has also altered. As per a report by Indian Express, 68 percent of respondents were of the opinion that technology can be leveraged in completing background verifications as there were major loopholes in the manner in which some background check agencies had been going about the process. Rising records of falsified/ fake academic credentials and concealed employee terminations made them rethink the entire strategy.

Most of these HR professionals aren’t aware of the kind of checks that are legal and the kinds that aren’t. Pre-employment background verification is paramount when it comes to onboarding. Its importance cannot be stressed enough as it reveals facts about a candidate that is difficult to gather otherwise. Such checks tell us about the cause of quitting, the employee’s performance at the firm, his/ her work ethics and culture among other insights. Some of these fraud mitigation firms have also been working remotely. They do not complete physical verifications by actually going over to a place on account of lockdown constraints. However, the authentic ones have adapted so that the manner in which these screenings are carried out does not get compromised. They use stringent online screening solutions to conduct checks remotely.

The HR departments always works in tandem with the background verification companies as this expedites the process. They remain updated regarding every aspect of the ongoing procedure and also provide these background check companies with any additional inputs that they may need. Once the reports are prepared, the HR can be certain that the legal compliances have been taken care of. A call regarding the final onboarding/hiring is taken thereafter.

It is extremely confounding when certain candidates back out after having completed a series of rounds. This occurs due to counter offers, undisclosed job opportunities that they might be pursuing, miscommunication and the like. In such cases, the Human Resource Executive has to then go through the entire journey of hiring candidates from scratch. With individuals swapping careers, the uncertainties associated with the pandemic, changing job roles and responsibilities, most firms and their Human Resource Executives are reducing the overall headcount of their organizations. Hiring has altered after the pandemic since the traditional manner is no longer in effect. Everything has gone digital and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right candidate. Be it start ups or large firms, the problems associated with hiring are endless. Attracting the ideal talent seems like an unachievable dream until the time it manifests and that is an arduous procedure. The amount of energy and time that gets expended could be spent much more productively if the work of hiring is outsourced to a credible third-party vendor. A proper background verification firm utilises cutting edge technologies so as to filter out candidates who have lied or exaggerated on their job application forms. Some problems associated with hiring include coming across candidates who are not the right fit, candidates who aren’t as invested in your organization as they should be, candidates who have a track history of being unethical and the like. These are major red flags that need to be checked for at the very onset. Millow is India’s trusted background verification company. We leverage our proprietary technology & stringent processes to provide you BGV reports in the shortest amount of time possible. If you wish to get your employees, vendors, business partners, loan applicants, or even yourself/profile verified do reach out on: Email: Contact: 011 41219183