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It’s always easier to lie about one’s employment specifics than state the exact truth about what took place. Exaggerating about one’s past employment is the easier route to opt for. It creates an embellished image of the applicant. HR executives belonging to the different firms are quite often in a haste and speed up the entire procedure of hiring candidates so as to fill up the vacancy. Hastening things up is not the prescribed way to go as past employment verification is absolutely necessary in order to be sure that one isn’t taking in potential con artists into one’s firm.

Getting oneself screened has its own perks. A past employment verification certificate is the gateway for all those appealing jobs that you’ve been meaning to apply for. All the premium companies are extremely wary of the individuals that they hire and rightly so. No firm would deliberately jeopardize its repute by zeroing in on fraudulent individuals.

In India, most sectors have reported some inconsistency or the other after taking in people. Be it hospitality, tourism, BFSI or be it IT, Finance and others; each sector has high levels of discrepancy ratios. However, the silver lining is that in the past couple of years, the gap between the inconsistencies found has been gradually closing. As more background verification firms come about in our country, the number of dishonest representations will get minimized considerably. The ideal background check company will only utilize cutting edge technologies. Such companies work to enable fraud mitigation and safeguard all businesses.