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Delhi Police Tenant Verification

Property owners in Delhi need to be skeptical and careful while renting or leasing their properties to potential tenants. We should always be curious about the individuals we are dealing with for security reasons. Thus, we always look out for various warning signs to facilitate prevention measures before something negative or toxic happens. In case of performing a background check on potential tenants, we need to be on the lookout for various red flags as Delhi is a city where crime is always on the move. So, it is necessary to follow the legislative guidelines issued by the Delhi government, which include conducting tenant verification as per the guidelines issued by the Delhi police.
Mandatory norms have been instituted in every Indian city including Delhi to conduct the much required background check on both tenants and the property owners. It helps to formulate an idea about how to deal with troublesome or shady property owners/tenants who can be tricksters/fraudsters. They could be even anti-social elements who can cause violence or crime towards your property, life or financial health. As a property owner, you are heavily invested in your house, villa, or apartment financially. Thus, you should take care of your assets properly for which the tenant verification and background checks form a great medium. Law helps you out if and when you come to us at Millow as we work with the Delhi Police to ensure the safety of you as well as your real estate property. It is essential to know that the checks and filters gets instilled on both tenants and landlords or property owners, which guarantees your security from terrorists who might come looking for a place to crash and live. Undoubtedly, the police verification for tenants in Delhi is important for protecting so many assets and parameters. It is always a wonderful idea to protect your financial investment with regulatory checks that safeguard you.

Delhi Police Tenant Verification Form Online

Once you contact us at Millow to do tenant verification process online, we obtain the form needed from the website of Delhi Police. It has to be noted that a police tenant verification process is different from any other standard background checking process; the reason for us to collaborate the Citizen Services Department of the Delhi Police.
Indian Penal Code has a section named 188, which constitutes the mandate of completing the tenant verification process before a property owner rents the property. Failure to do so results in punishable offense, which lead to a 1-year imprisonment or a monetary penalty or both. This legal rule ensures that a thorough background check is needed for the renting formality to complete. The background check might unearth any prior criminal records, which makes this transaction null and void along with legal punishment & penalty as aforementioned. We, Millow, are very consistent and committed in ensuring the safety of your life as well as that of your real estate property that you are planning to rent out.
Although we help you out with the whole process, you can do it offline with us bearing your expenses. All you need to do is to get a Delhi Police tenant verification form from a registered police station or from their website under the tab: Downloadable Forms. All the required details are then filled in carefully. The details include every relevant information about the tenant as well as that of the landlord or property owner. The necessary documents including the proof of address have to be self-attested. Other required documents include identification proof of both property owner and tenant, the employee id of tenant, and passport-sized photographs of both tenant and owner. All these documents have to be submitted to receive an acknowledgement letter along with the stamp of a police officer along with the signature.

How BGV companies helps to get Police Tenant Verification

Certain steps are followed when you apply for tenant verification process. Contact us and we will get the necessary forms from the official website of Delhi Police. With your information, we will create an account for you that include your age, proof of address, username, strict password, and other contact details. Once it is submitted after entering the OTP for verification, the background check gets initiated by the Delhi Police with whom we collaborate. Before final submission, we attach the necessary documents as well, which you need to bring to us. Once the report is ready, we print it for your perusal. These are the ways by which, we, Millow, help you get the much required Tenant Verification through collaboration with the Delhi police. Contact us to know more and get a great tenant for your property who will keep your asset safe for you.