Challenges of Background Verification


At Millow, we undertake background verification quite seriously as evident from the outcomes we generated with the information we amassed. With businesses and companies being skeptical about the background of their employees, it is required for us to be at our ‘A’ game; the best possible way to help organizations recruit better employees is through interviews and HR recruitment processes. We, Millow, have been in the background checking business or sector for quite some time and built up a rapport among our clients & customers through our high quality work. However, there are many challenges that come across during this background verification.

Challenges of Background Verification

As is the mandatory norm nowadays, all business organizations, regardless of their size, use background checks as the best precautionary measure when hiring their employees. Running these background checks reveals valuable information about the potential candidate’s criminal, debt, employment, and court history, which provides an accurate picture of the individual to an employer. Challenges keep coming to any background checks we do, which we solve before presenting the correct picture of individuals to a business organization, company, or firm. Here, we look into some of the challenges that occur during the background verification process.

Location Checks

Background checks based on locations in which the individual has lived in the past 5 years or more can sometimes become challenging to ponder. This is because some background checks just cover enough information about the candidate’s current state of residence. It becomes problematic because if the applicant has lived in other locations, places, or states, we will not have sufficient information causing us to dig more; which can create unnecessary challenges to unearth a person’s accurate background information. We, Millow, undertake a thorough investigation on whichever locations the applicant has stayed and several activities that might have performed at this place. The popularity of this applicant is looked upon as well here.

Unfair judgments or outcomes

Sometime, unfair judgments can cloud the actual picture of an individual’s background due to the black-and-white nature of the report that we create. Businesses might look into the report through colored glasses and miss important elements that can create a bias during the interview process. Since the employers don’t see the different vibrant shades of an excellent candidate due to the nature of a ‘black and white’ report, they might pass up wonderful applicants who can potentially drive the businesses forward. For instance, even if a charge is dismissed, the information regarding this small offense will question the motives and character of the applicant; which can be detrimental to both parties involved.

Reports that are incomplete

Possibilities of incomplete reports always cast a shadow of doubt; especially in this background checks and screening sector. The information we gather might have missing pieces that can make the reports inconclusive. We have observed that the background checking services do not guarantee that all applicable government agencies & companies report proper information on the applicant or candidate in question. For instance, as per our understanding, around 30 to 35% of information that show up have a tendency to be wrong; which can create lot of skepticism and discrepancy in the background reports that we generate. At Millow, we make sure that the information we receive is as true as it can be. These incomplete reports if unchecked lead to incorrect ones, and it will be hard to reverse; which is a major challenging concern that we tackle head on to stay competitive in this sector.

Incorrect Reports

A major issue concerning background checks is that wrong information can get into the report if we are not careful enough. For instance, a government agency accidentally confused the applicant’s name and his/her location with someone else who has a shady past. With this wrong information, the report that comes out will be incorrect and it affects the actual applicant whose future is ruined. The business organizations will pass by an ideal applicant or candidate based on this wrong information on the incorrect report, which is challenging

Challenges brought in by Covid-19 Pandemic

At Millow, we were challenged a bit by Covid-19 pandemic as many government organizations were not working. These include courthouses, colleges/ universities, companies & organizations, and the Civil and Criminal records bureau. Thus, it became difficult for us to gather the necessary information while conducting the background check process. We outclassed the challenges through our connections and collaborations, which helped us stay afloat in this competitive world during the pandemic.


The challenges of background verifications are looked upon here, and this information helps us to strategize plans to focus on neutralizing the challenging threats involved. At Millow, we work well with people to bring fort the right and true information that benefits both the applicants and the business organizations.