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Background Verification Services

White & Blue Collar

Millow specializes in performing stringent background checks in the shortest amount of time. We utilize powerful APIs, databases, and experienced field investigators to ensure fast turnaround times (TAT) and authenticity. Below are some of the checks we offer our clients:

Documents/Identity Verification

Our identity verification system is designed to verify all of an individual’s identity documents using advanced machine-readable algorithms. The documents that are verified include Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, Driving License and Passport.

Drug check

Our Pan-India 5-Panel Drug Test or Drug Check is an important pre-employment background check used to determine if prospective employees are using amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates or PCP. This is done through our partnership with Pan-India Laboratories.

Past Employment Verification

Millow provides a detailed verification service to verify the integrity of the applicant. This service is also known as ‘experience check’ and uncovers the credibility of the candidate’s statements regarding designation, CTC, reason for leaving etc.

Credit check

To help you mitigate the risks of hiring employees, tenants and others who have a history of debt, we offer a comprehensive range of accurate and viable credit check services based primarily on their individual CIBIL report. A fiscally prudent candidate is always preferable.

Address Verification

This verification is performed to cross-check the address provided by potential employees and serves as an additional layer of verification ID. We have assembled a team of field officers (government and private) to cross check the given addresses across India.

Social Media check

Millow’s social media background check team is dedicated to indexing the social media footprints of potential candidates, providing a new way to assess their employability. Characteristics checked include evidence of drugs, weapons, sexual misconduct, etc.

Police Character or Clearance certificate

If you have plans of moving to another country and have applied for Residential status, immigration or employment, you will need a Police Character Certificate in order to move there. PCC is also used by companies hiring staff for restaurant chains, logistics, delivery boys etc.

Global Watchlist check

The global database check allows you to search various international sanctions lists, terrorist watch lists, etc. to determine if your potential candidates have a bad reputation and could cause harm to your company and brand.

Court Record Verification

It is important to check the criminal records of potential employees before you hire them. A quick and effective solution is a criminal record check. This is done through a multi-million court case database covering civil and criminal cases on a pan-India basis. We also work with law firms and the criminal record is stamped by a lawyer to add legitimacy.

Economic default check

The Defaulters database check gives an insight into the financial transaction history of an individual to detect cases of fraudulent financial practices or tax avoidance or evasion and is entered in the CIBIL list of defaulters or loan defaulters.

Education Verification

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals scrutinizes academic certificates and mark sheets from various universities across India to detect frauds. Millow also accesses databases of blacklisted and dubious universities across India. We work with government agencies like NAD and Digilocker and also have alliances with universities across India.

More checks: As per client’s requirements

Based on our clients’ unique needs, we provide them with customized and personalized background checks and verification solutions that help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

Marksheet Verification

To guard against forgery & counterfeiting of marksheets, the most advanced countermeasure we can implement is to subject all marksheets to stringent verification. Verification is performed directly from the marksheet issuing authorities.

History and Benefits of Background Verification

Background checks, synonymous with employee screening, supposedly originated after the 1908 incident in the United States when a prank by a company apprentice led to the unfortunate death of his colleague. The company retained the employee and was later sued for negligent hiring

Background verification on potential employees are critical to a company’s success. Background checks can be as simple or as detailed as HR and upper management see fit. Today, for example, companies require continuous background checks (quarterly) and even social media background checks to cover all bases. Human capital is the lifeblood of a company and it is important to ensure that the hiring team has the background, skills and integrity to fulfill the company’s mission. A negligent hire is very costly to a company.

In this ‘new’ & ‘distant’ world, a detailed employee background verification in MNCs and even smaller companies is necessary. Millow stands out from its peers as the most ethical and transformative employee background check company in India. We have made it our mission to provide all-inclusive and end-to-end background check services.

Our motto for HR is “Set it and forget it”. We have an excellent in-house team of investigators and employee screening experts who are highly experienced in applicant background verification. Depending on the unique pre-employment screening needs of different companies, we offer a plethora of variations and verification methods to suit their desired TAT and level of rigor.

Now let us take a quick look at some of the benefits of our background check services.


The Top 6 Benefits of Employee Background Verification

Negligent Hiring Lawsuit Avoidance

According to the American Management Association, 30% of all businesses fail because of theft at workplaces. As the pioneers in background checks for employees, we conduct effective & advanced background screening to reduce workplace theft, violence, fraud and hence we help create a safe and secure work environment. An organization that has negligent hiring practices risks irrevocable legal, reputational, and monetary damage.

Resume Fraud Avoidance

A stringent employee background check eliminates the selection of candidates who may have hidden criminal backgrounds, lied about their credentials, or even submitted fake marksheets & certificates. We conduct comprehensive database checks and field investigations to validate the claims of your employees so you can be sure of hiring the right candidate. We aim to empower companies and improve their hiring processes.

Compliance & Security

As one of the well-established and credible background verification companies in India, Millow designs reliable and compliant employee screening programs for cross-industry organizations to safeguard themselves from the legal backlash resulting from negligent hiring practices. Typically, ISO 27001 certified organizations must perform a background verification of their employees.

Cost Savings

The true cost of hiring a bad employee is more than meets the eye. A bad hire can result in huge productivity losses, damaged employee morale, fewer sales, and as per the U.S Department of Labor is as costly as 30% of an employee’s first-year salary. No supervisor wants to spend one day/week just micromanaging an underqualified employee who passed through the cracks. Hence, background verification can save the company thousands and even lakhs of Indian rupees and safeguard the company from hiring the wrong candidate.

Uphold Hiring Standards

Background verification is still nascent in India and the industry has low barriers to entry. Thus, organizations must choose the right background verification company that has the right credentials and experience in performing ‘by-the-book’ stringent verification of their employees so that the true picture of the employee is revealed, and the wrong candidate does not slip through the cracks.

Increase Employee Productivity

One bad apple spoils the bunch! Our customized background check programs reveal not just the integrity of the candidate but also dig out any history of undesirable workplace behavior by the candidate. Selecting even a highly qualified candidate who has a track record of being fired for not being a team player and/or being violent can be detrimental to an organization.