All managerial roles need some form of verification so that the employers can remain reassured regarding the functionalities of the firm.
From checking their criminal records to their social media profiles, thorough scrutiny is conducted so as to understand their behavioural profile and qualification. Academic credentials are also looked into as the spurt of diploma mills has necessitated a need to verify the academic degrees as well. There are many such fake institutions that issue Doctorate or Management degrees in exchange for cash. Getting hold of letterheads from certain universities and making sure that they come under COBSE and UGC are usually resorted to.
What most are unaware of is that these C level executives are exposed to multiple layers of screenings. Their past employment record plays a vital role in establishing their credibility. CIBIL score, getting in touch with previous employers and gaining insights into their performance during their tenure are facets that one cannot ignore.
It so happened that a certain candidate who had applied to a leading audit firm was blacklisted when her particulars were unearthed. She claimed to have held a degree from an esteemed Ivy League University. However, when her academic credentials were looked into and the Chancellor of the University was contacted, the degree was found to be fake. Such a major ethical lapse is something that cannot be overlooked and the hiring authorities at the audit firm were so flustered that they decided to report this incident to the higher authorities. The candidate in question was black listed without any second thoughts. A zero-tolerance policy is adopted by most MNCs when it comes to fraudulent applicants and once a person has been branded as a ‘bad hire’, there is no looking back.

In another incident that took place in Pune, a prospective hire for a leading construction company had posted something very unpleasant regarding a certain political party. The candidate was thoroughly grilled so as to glean his political opinion and leaning.
Social media is a very effective tool that can be used to verify candidates. Individuals who do not lock their profiles and openly brag about indulging in something they ought not to are red flags for any organization. Such hires will not think twice before voicing their opinions on matters that don’t require their expertise. They are also more likely to indulge in activities that may work against the repute of the firm. Seeking the services of a credible fraud mitigation firm would be your best bet if you need to take in individuals for roles that require upper managerial work.
An authentic company utilizes cutting edge technology and platforms so as to speed up the process and generate accurate reports about the same. Something known as a global database check is conducted on candidates to ascertain criminal antecedents that the person may have. Global and country-specific databases are checked and a clearer picture regarding him/ her comes to light. Discrepancies found will work against the candidate. Sanctions List are searches that incorporate regulators’ sanction databases. These identify those individuals who may be banned from certain industries on account of misdeeds conducted.
Past employment verification is also paid quite some heed as that provides insights into a person’s conduct and ethics. The performance is evaluated from certain angles and a call regarding hiring is only taken when the employer is absolutely certain.
OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) is a process through which firms identify whether or not parties that are a part of transactions feature on the Watch Lists that are maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Healthcare providers need to complete something known as a GSA(General Services Administration) /OIC background check. An exclusion means that the provider will become ineligible for payments or reimbursements. This could put the image of the organization at stake.
Both the upper as well as the lower management need to undergo extensive screening before they are assigned tasks.
People who hold significant posts also need to undergo a thorough background screening so that the employees who work under them feel comfortable. Sudden growth of misrepresentations across all firms indicates the need for outsourcing pre-employment verification. As per the Government of India, 6 out of 10 applicants submit false credentials during the process of recruitment.
Some of these firms that provide end-to-end background verification services have the know-how of what entails during a screening. The courts that they need to go to, the government agencies, data providers and the like will only be known to a firm that does the work of fraud mitigation professionally. Hence, companies must seek the expertise of agencies like us that are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified that cater to the private as well as public sector and that can give you unwavering customer support.
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