How to perform background checks according to ISO 27001

To find trustworthy and competent employees, organizations must exercise caution when hiring new employees. For example, a person must have extensive knowledge and experience in this field to implement a secure network. If a potential employee, a candidate for the position, lacks such competencies, the organization may be liable for problems or incidents. Background checks in accordance with ISO 27001 Certification are performed to ensure that these aspects of information security are met.

Significance of ISO certification

In today’s globalized world, when hiring people for remote work from other countries, conducting background checks can be tricky when they must adhere to ethics, relevant laws, and regulations. Increase your company’s productivity by hiring verified and efficient employees. Employee background screening companies that are ISO-certified can assist employers in hiring employees with verification. Employing an ISO-certified employee background investigation helps employers ensure that they are hiring dependable, consistent, and qualified employees. It ends up bringing several business advantages.

ISO Certification is a significant seal of approval demonstrating a company’s dedication to the standard specifications of an internationally recognized ISO management system. The certification helps to confirm a company’s credibility and to demonstrate to a potential client that the company will follow through on its business promises. ISO certification will allow your company to retain quality employees for a longer period of time.

Organizations that focus on improving products and procedures benefit from increased customer satisfaction. ISO is designed to ensure that client needs and desires are addressed and satisfied. ISO certification ensures that client requirements are prioritized throughout the organization and that client feedback is integrated into management surveys.

These services provide an easy-to-use online portal, a transparent fee structure, and extensive screening options. You can hire us to serve a wide range of small businesses, including technology, staffing, retail, nonprofit, healthcare, and construction. This certification aims to ensure that both employees and vendors understand their responsibilities and are qualified for their positions.

ISO 27001 certification process

To find trustworthy and competent employees, a company must exercise due diligence when hiring new employees by implementing ISO 27001 background checks .
For example, to implement a secure network, a person must have great expertise in this area. Suppose a prospective employee, i.e., a candidate for the position, needs to gain such competencies. They should not be considered for that position because the organization may be liable for problems or incidents.
Prospective employees will be subjected to vetting that can comply with relevant regulations, rules, and ethics, as well as proportionate to business needs, the type of information obtained, and the potential risks, to qualify for an interview. Privacy, personal identity information security, and employment-related policies should be considered and should include:

  • The presence of two references, one business and one personal, regarding the applicant’s character
  • Investigate the interviewee’s curriculum vitae (for completeness and accuracy);
  • Validation of professional and academic credentials
  • Recognition document independent of any other document (passport, etc.)
  • Additional thorough checks, such as credit and criminal record checks

It is critical to note that background checks must be conducted:

  • The background checks should only be conducted by authorized individuals (a good practice is to create a formal process with rules defining who, when, and how the background checks should be performed).
  • It applies to new employees or contractors and current employees promoted or transferred to a new post because the new position may have more stringent requirements.

When background checks are performed on behalf of an organization by a contractor, an agreement should be defined between the organization and the contractor to ensure that the procedure is followed and that any situations that raise doubts or concerns are communicated. Regardless of how impressive your processes, equipment, resources, and systems are, the success of your business will depend largely on the performance of the people you hire. Even the best tool can be rendered useless or used to cause harm in the wrong hands. A thorough background check following ISO 27001 requirements minimizes the risk of poor performance and the compromise of critical information.

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