Have you been screened before a job interview that you’ve appeared for or post those arduous rounds of interviews? If you’re still waiting to hear from the Human Resource Manager, it is highly probable that he/ she is carrying out background verification on you. The work of fraud mitigation is generally outsourced to a third-party vendor so that a comprehensive verification of all the aspects of an individual are covered.
A new hire always amounts to an investment of time, resources and money. It is only normative for companies to run their due diligence on a candidate before they are completely taken in by the organization. Once they have the reports of background checks, they feel relieved and secure. The process is lengthy since it consists of academic credential verification, past employment history, Credit score, address verification, court record check and criminal antecedent check. Getting yourself screened greatly improves your job prospects. Once a report gets generated in about 7 working days, you can treat that as a pass for all those future jobs that you apply for.

Running a “self” background check or profile verification is a more controlled manner of taking control of your future job roles. This gives you a sense of security before you apply to certain prominent places as all major companies conduct background verification until the time they are fully satisfied with the outcome. If you are thinking of applying for a foreign job (remote or on premises), the employer will almost certainly ask you to get a background check on yourself from an ISO certified background check agency. If at all, you discover certain disturbing inputs about you that may sabotage your chances of landing your dream job, you can get them rectified prior to applying for it.
In the present day, 68 percent of the people have embellished resumes that they use to apply for a job. A sudden spurt of misrepresentations in all companies indicates the need for outsourcing pre-employment verification. As per the Indian Government, 6 out of 10 applicants falsify their credentials while the process of on boarding takes place. The right background verification firm will educate you in those areas that you need to keep abreast of.
A candidate who had bribed a police officer as she needed to expedite some of her loans that were taken quite some time in being sanctioned, was terminated by a company some days ago in Gurgaon. She had been hired by a leading Audit company and had begun working for them in the past month. After about two weeks of working, she was sent a letter of termination. On investigating, it was discovered that although the other checks were in the clear, the court record check had unearthed these findings. The lady did not consider this to be serious enough and so, was quite taken aback when she was asked to leave. All MNCs have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraudulent individuals or a tainted record. Being blacklisted by an MNC could have serious implications on an individual’s future career trajectory. It is always safer to get oneself checked prior to signing up for such responsibilities. You can always reach out to a certified background verification company that conducts such screenings so that you can feel more confident while your application is being processed.

Academic credentials need to be in place and you need to ensure that the Universities that have accorded you with a degree feature on University Grants Commission and COBSE (Council of Board of School Education) lists. If the academic institution is not included on these lists, your degree may not be credible. Also, certain universities while initially professional, later get exposed for fraudulently handing out degrees in exchange for money. Hence, they come under the scanner of the authorities, news publications etc. and this can impact you as a graduate of that university without you even knowing why your job application is being rejected by companies.
Similarly, you need to have a clean criminal history. Any incident of violence, theft, assault, negligence on your part will always come up when your background is being looked into. A criminal history check is done in tandem with courts and local police stations and is very thorough.
Your credit or CIBIL score needs to be over 600. Bank statements, details of transactions conducted, loans taken are looked into. If someone has been late in payments, has taken out multiple loans, has outstanding bills, has accrued debts and the like, his/ her financial credibility will suffer. It so happens that most people are quick to assume that they have nothing to worry about if their backgrounds are screened. If you have been a victim of identity theft, your credit history will be negatively impacted. Also, if you have been an accessory to a crime unknowingly, your name could come up. One can really never know unless one sees a report. Get in touch with an authentic background check company that leverages the latest technologies to generate BGV reports.
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