How To Get A Background Check For Foreign Employment And Foreign Visas?

Foreign employment checks need to be conducted with utmost care as an individual crosses barriers to go over to some other country just to work. One cannot put one’s country’s security at risk of being infiltrated by people who are potential threats, who want to stay back under false pretences, or fake their credentials to get employment. In fact, these days foreign employers are hiring freelancers to work remotely and someone who falls through the cracks can still harm the reputation and financial well-being of these employers.
What are the usual formalities before one moves to some other country? A police character certificate is a must. A PCC is needed by all those people who migrate to a country such as a restaurant staff, delivery boys , blue- collared workers and the like. A PCC states that the person is in the clear with regard to his/ her image. Any criminal antecedent that the applicant may have had comes to light once the PCC is issued.
court record check is also conducted so that unreported crimes can be discovered. The Court records come in handy during these situations as they shed light on the suspicious activities that may have taken place in the past.
In a nutshell, what courts do is that they maintain all the records of fishy and illegal activities that the candidate may have engaged in. Such screenings are typically carried out in tandem with leading law firms that are registered with the Bar Council of India. The turnaround time for which is 2-3 days.

What all does an International background check include?

An international background screening includes all important checks such as court record checks, past employment verification, credit score, academic credential verification. It is a prerequisite for any firm to get these checks done so that they are certain of the kind of people who are entering any organization.
There have been several unsavory cases of applicants who have submitted embellished resumes and then secured jobs in other countries. Likewise, a lawyer based in Mumbai had received an offer letter from some legal firm in Dubai. She knew some acquaintances who stayed there and asked them to verify the credentials that were stated in the letter. They did not find anything fishy and so, she flew down to Dubai excited for her new job. However, when she tried contacting the number that was mentioned in the letter, there was no response from the other end. On reaching the address printed on the letter, she found out that the address, was, in fact that of some office but they had been running several such illegal enterprises from just one room. The office in question was one room from which a couple of people were illegally running businesses and hoodwinking others. If only she had taken the help of a third-party vendor in getting the background verified, she would have saved herself the hassle and the unnecessary expenses. In fact, Millow has helped several customers from being defrauded by fly-by-night foreign recruitment firms.
Academic credentials are verified during background checks for foreign employments so that the recruiter knows that he is hiring the most ideal candidate who will not put the company’s reputation in jeopardy. It is common to lie or exaggerate on one’s resume in order to bag lucrative job offers that are available in some of the countries especially the gulf ones.
A criminal record check as well as a drug test is conducted so that the employer knows that the person has a clean image and is also not under the influence of something as addictive and life-threatening as drugs. These drugs are consumed so as to increase the body’s capacity to take on more work but they have a debilitating effect on one’s body. Drug addicts are sloppy, unable to concentrate on work, have a propensity towards violent behavior which may endanger the rest of the employees. Marijuana, phencyclidine, cocaine, amphetamine, opioids etc. are the substances that are checked for. A collaboration with the laboratories that perform these tests is done and the fluid samples are sent back. The reports generated are then shared with the clients. Authentic background verification firms can offer their clients 5-panel drug testing to 10-panel, depending on their mandates.
Checking the CIBIL or Credit score of those who have applied for jobs outside of the country is crucial as well. It is in fact, one of the most prominent checks that provide insights into why the candidate may have applied for an overseas job. If one’s name has already been featured on the Credit Defaulter List, a background check can reveal that through its findings. Usually, a bad score gets generated due to late payments, high exposure to unsecured debt, missed payments and so forth.
background check for foreign employment is not very different from a usual background check. The relevance of fraud mitigation keeps increasing with every passing day as con artists devise new strategies of misrepresenting themselves and gaining people’s trust. However, a trustworthy background verification company will always make sure that fraudulent activities are nipped in the bud.
Millow has conducted thousands of checks and is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. This is a prerequisite for all foreign-based firms.
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Credit rating

A credit index is a statistical value assigned to a person depending on the credit history. Credit ratings are used by most banks to assess the risk of financing to an individual.
Firms can, however, examine credit ratings to see whether there have been many instances of fraud. As an outcome, poor creditworthiness can often be the consequence of unethical behavior.
When recruiting new staff, it is vital to do background checks. Some organizations hire third-party services to handle the procedure, and others use background screening software.
Hiring organizations and computerized programs to obtain data on a prospect is a good idea. It is up to the firm to determine whether or not to hire the applicant after gaining data about them.

Civil misconduct

Criminal records are examined separately from civil offense records, which are, also available to IT business employers. A statement that may reveal civil wrongdoing on the applicant’s behalf is included in the majority of pre-employment checks. This check provides data on problems that have been decided in a civil court of law. Destruction of property, civil theft, or a felony committed against an individual rather than the state are examples of such crimes.
If somebody was prosecuted for civil misbehavior, the study will disclose that. Companies can conduct two sorts of civil infraction inspections: federal and county-level verifications. They may do only one particular test or nothing at all in some circumstances.
Should a technology firm look into this? For about the same logic that any other business would. This assessment provides them with information on the behavior of the individual they are considering recruiting. Undoubtedly, any corporation would like to recruit someone who has a good reputation

Reference checks

Lastly, reference checks are an important part of the job verification procedure that is frequently overlooked. Employers anticipate that the individual’s references will offer a qualitative assessment of them. Applicants will not name people who they do not trust will attest to their personality and abilities. This, however, does not influence the profitability of referrals.
References will be reviewed to acquire a second perspective on the applicant’s professionalism, personality, and skills. Reference checks are an important part of the recruiting process to ensure you’re getting the finest candidate for the position.


Firms can also use internet people trackers to shortlist candidates. They will take benefit from all of the resources at their disposal. They ensure that an applicant has the competencies to thrive in the role by checking into their work record. Their culpability is reduced by a civil infraction and a criminal background check. They will check references to get a sense of a person’s intelligence and work habits.