Tenant Verification in Kerala

Are you renting or leasing your home, apartment, or villa to people who are looking for such arrangements? There are certain rules to follow through; the major being tenant verification process. We, the professionals at Millow, will help you with this tenant verification procedure or process. Wait, are you prepared and have made necessary arrangements for your property to be rented or leased? It would be wise to do so! There are few things you must do before renting or leasing out your home, apartment or villa. The most necessary procedure in the list is the Tenant Verification one. One must carry out tenant verification procedure to ensure that the people who contact you for renting have no criminal records, and not any shady characters.
The tenant verification gets done by the local police authority anywhere in Kerala. A tenant verification form needs to get filled for this process by providing all basic details of the owner and tenant. It is necessary to check the importance of tenant verification form and how we, Millow, help you get one through collaborating with the local police authorities. We, Millow, ensure the security of your real estate properties through background checks of potential tenants, and ensuring that they are not criminals of any sort.

Tenant Verification Process

The process is a blessing to all real estate owners including those with their own house, apartment or villa, which they intend to, rent or lease out. The tenant verification process, in general, helps verify the identity of your potential tenants. This gets done through performing various kinds of background checks of these potential tenants. It ensures that the tenants renting or leasing out your property has a clean chit with no history of wrongful doings, violence, or criminal actions. The whole process offers a blanket safety to all the citizens while preventing fraudulent or unauthorized real estate transactions. The tenant verification process can bet filed both online and offline. Here, this choice is decided completely on the convenience of both parties involved, which are the property owner and tenant. It is mandatory that the tenant verification form gets filled out in any case, which needs to be signed and submitted with all essential documents attached. This process is followed through us at Millow, in Kerala as well; which is a blessing to all real estate property owners in the southern state.

Tenant Verification before Renting Your Property

A few major reasons get considered while doing the tenant verification. It is pivotal for handing over your property to various unknown people or potential tenants to live in. Tenant verification helps in criminal record checks of tenants with which the property owners get to know about the history of actions done by these people who contact to rent or lease a real estate property. A biggest benefit is that the tenant verification help prevent unauthorized transactions. It gets this done through knowing the status of authority, which property owners claim to have chosen over rental property.
The tenant verification before renting your property helps reduce various unlawful activities in the premises. With this process, the tenants understand that their details are recorded with us at Millow as well as the local police station database so that they avoid doing any kind of harmful activities like damaging the property. One of the other major benefits includes tenant verification that helps track foreign identifications. Herein, the assigned police authorities go through the previous addresses where tenants have stayed in the past. It allows the real estate property owners to rent or lease to foreign nationals.

How to apply for Tenant Verification in Kerala in 5 Simple Steps

The tenant verification helps ensure safety of premises and it gets done in five simple steps. We at Millow work with the police authorities where your property comes under jurisdiction to perform background checks with detailed verification for all tenants. Following steps need to be applied for the quick tenant police verification in your preferred city or town.

We, visit the Police Department Online Portal on behalf of you.
Then, we apply for the tenant verification online with great ease on your behalf.
We then find the tenant application form and fill & apply the same to local police authorities.
Your basic information gets provided along with all the required details of your tenants.
The essential documents get attached before submitting the tenant verification form.

These are the ways by which we Millow help all property owners to attain the tenant verification process in Kerala at an affordable rate.