Why is Pre-Employment Background Screening Important?

Real Case

Manu, a sales executive, went through 5 interview rounds with our client. He showed the CEO even how he could increase the top line of the Pharma company. Having convinced everyone, he was provided an offer letter by Shruti, the HR head of the company, and given a conditional employment status based on the results of the pending background verification report. After one week, everything checked out except for some info which suggested that Manu was let go by a previous employer on conflict of business interest grounds. This immediately disqualified Manu from the job, and he was let go. Imagine the time, money and resources that go into hiring an employee?! And when a wrong employee gets through the cracks the losses are multiplied for the employer.

Millow’s Tech

Our end-to-end background screening solution offers an integrated technology-enabled process to verify a candidate’s identity, education, and employment history rapidly and accurately, and disciplinary/criminal records. This process includes the ability for employers to accept or reject candidates based on this information.

Our cloud-based background screening solution and suite of tools connects directly to employers’ existing HR and payroll systems. This eliminates time-consuming and costly pre-hiring screenings, like pen and paper forms, reducing on-boarding process substantially. Our background verification solution’s deep data set options enable a broad spectrum of employers to find candidates that match their specific employment needs.

Ideal for companies that require expanded screening and verification capabilities to meet compliance requirements, background screening is software-enabled solution that combines the power of background checksdocument verification, identity intelligence and social media monitoring into a single platform.

By combining the leading provider of public records information with a first-of-its-kind technology, Millow provides background verification in the lowest turn-around-time (TAT) possible. We’ve taken the headache out of pre-employment background check, allowing you to focus on your business. Whether checking an applicant’s driver’s license, identity, or criminal history, Millow delivers fast and affordable solutions.

Tech + Physical Investigation

While technology has a critical role to play in the background screening process, physical verification also has an important role to play. Certain checks need to be performed by ‘boots on the ground’. The best way to verify a person’s residential address is indeed a physical address verification by a field investigator. Also, in the absence of databases or low digitization, which can be the case for remote universities, physical visit to the registrar’s office maybe required.

Now, of course loopholes do exist such as the investigator not going rather, just collecting the pictures of the candidate’s residence off the internet or on WhatsApp. Hence, checks and balances must be part and parcel of every background check company’s arsenal. Geo location capture, latitude/longitude etc. can all be captured once the agent reaches the location and clicks pictures. These features are built into Millow’s background screening solution.

Future Technologies and Industry Forecasts

It was initially perceived that blockchain will revolutionize the background screening industry with its immutable, tamper-proof, decentralized features. Corporations did try experimenting with blockchain but have not adopted it for background check purposes. That’s not to say things won’t change in the future. Companies deal with their employees’ personally identifiable information (PII). With the onset of the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP) in India, things will get more serious as it is based on the EU’s GDPR, which levies heavy fines on corporations for things relating to data leakage and the like. Companies share their employees’ data with a third-party bgv vendor and if the bgv vendor has not taken measures to secure this data, the consequences can be devastating and can result in bankruptcy.

Background verification will get more commoditized in India and in the rest of the world. Vendors will basically play the role of data brokers/providers even when data will be democratized due the speed of digitization happening in the country. Again, that’s not to say that bgv vendors will become obsolete but rather, their role will be less critical than before unless they offer value added services, continuous monitoring, cost-effective solutions and innovate to provide additional layers of trust.