It’s always easier to fib about one’s employment specifics than stating the exact truth. Exaggerating about one’s past employment is the easier route to opt for. It creates an image of the applicant that’s embellished and thus, improper. As per a survey conducted by CNBC, 78 per cent of people refrain from stating obvious facts and resort to lying in some manner or the other. HR executives belonging to the different firms are quite often in a rush and hasten the entire procedure of hiring candidates so as to fill up the vacancy. Hastening things up is not the prescribed way to go as past employment verification is absolutely essential in order to be sure that one isn’t taking in potential con artists.

There are many aspects which could be fudged. Some of which would be:

  1. Lying about the job role
  2. Lying about the dates of employment
  3. Concealing breach of notice period
  4. Discrepancies in education
  5. Misrepresenting the salary amount

Now, there are several ways of ascertaining one’s past employment verification. The ideal way would be to approach background verification companies who are quite adept at what they do since they do so professionally. A layman’s method and a background verification expert’s method of going about it would be entirely different. A layman would, naturally, not be able to get into the very heart of the matter in terms of verification. A background verification firm works in tandem with the police, the courts, government agencies, data providers and the like and so, gleaning the right amount of information becomes much smoother.

  1. Verifying the employee’s joining as well as notice period dates and looking for any discrepancies there might unearth facts that were kept from you.
  2. Checking their designations post that will tell us about the person’s caliber.Getting an insight into their day to day activities and the tasks that were deployed to them will also help understand their profile.
  3. Checking their salary slips
  4. The cause behind resigning is another important facet. You need to know whether the candidate was fired or whether he/she voluntarily chose to leave.
  5. Talking to past employers about the candidate in question also assists one in the process
  6. Criminal records are also verified

Getting oneself screened has its perks. A past employment verification certificate is the gateway for all those appealing jobs that you’ve been eyeing. All the premium companies are extremely wary of the individuals that they hire and rightly so. No firm would intentionally jeopardize its repute by going for fraudulent workers.

In India, most sectors have reported some inconsistency or the other after taking in people. Be it hospitality, tourism, BFSI or be it IT, Finance and others; each sector has high levels of discrepancy ratios. However, the silver lining is that in the past couple of years, the gap between the inconsistencies found has been gradually closing. As more background verification firms bloom in our country, the number of dishonest representations will get minimized considerably. The ideal background check company will only utilize cutting edge technologies to get to the very root of the matter. Such companies work to enable fraud mitigation and safeguard businesses.

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