How Can Employers Protect Themselves from Negligent Hiring

Before you hire an employee there are few things to go through. As an employer in charge, you are the one who needs to have an eye on few things. These will help you from negligent hiring. You will be wondering what is negligent hiring.

Negligent hiring is a legal claim made against an employee. This legal claim can be done by any individual (customer or employee) who is injured by an employee who has a past of similar incidents. The claim proclaims that the employer knew or should have known the past of the employee before hiring them. If you are a failure in researching the past of the employee, then you are responsible for their actions.

If the employer wants to protect themselves before hiring new employees, here are some points to follow so you can protect from negligent hiring.

#1 Do research on your employee

The very first thing to do, after receiving a resume from a candidate, is to do detailed research on the candidate’s resume and background. Check whether the information provided in the resume is true. You can check this by viewing their social media pages, contacting old companies they have worked with, etc. After deep research, you will come to a point where you can take the next step. Whether to schedule an interview or not.

#2 Don’t recruit the first candidate you find

Before recruiting the first candidate who comes to you. Wait for the rest of them to find the most eligible one for your company. It requires great patience and understanding to select the eligible one for your company. The difference between choosing from the first one who is appearing to you than from a number of candidates is that you will be able to identify the most prompt one and you will be having more options.

#3 Do a screen, interview, and conduct a pre-employment test

To learn about each candidate, do a screen, interview, or pre-employment test. This will provide you a more clear idea about the candidate.

#4 Check with the past employers

Having an investigation on your candidate’s past employer is a good method to get a clear-cut idea about the person. These give you more references as well.

#5 Enforce drug testing

A requirement for a drug test is usually seen in all companies before recruiting a candidate. Make this mandatory to all employees so there is a clear slate of medical parts.

#6 Perform credit reports

For security purposes, the credit report can be used to confirm someone’s identity, background, and education, to stop theft or embezzlement, and to see the candidate’s past employers (especially if there is missing employment experience on a resume). For employers, it is a big shot to know how much potential is the candidates, they are going to handle responsibilities.

#7 Authenticate qualifications and candidate claims

Double-checking the qualifications provided by your candidates is always a wise choice. It will give you a clear idea of how much the certificates and the claims done by the candidates are truthful.

#8 Conduct tests

This will help you understand how much your candidate is eligible for the job. The test you provide should be reasonable and non-discriminatory. It should also be standard for every candidate.

#9 Check medical exams and driving records

The basic medical test of the candidate is always a good choice to collect before the final recruitment. As well driving records also helps to give a better idea about the personality of the candidate. It might seem like an inappropriate method, but a character can be defined from small aspects.

The above mentioned are few ways to avoid negligent hiring. If you want to recruit the best employees and avoid unwanted issues, just keep these in mind while recruiting. A bad employee could damage your reputation. It could make your company fall into a bad state. And it is always the employer’s duty to check on the employees and the risk always will point on to you at the end. Saying you have no idea about the employee’s past will never count. So better to go for good hiring rather than facing difficulties later.

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